Creative Horror by Michael Arnzen

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Now available: The Gorelets Omnibus: Collected Poems, 2001-11. Cover for The Gorelets Omnibus
Ten Years in the Making...all right here at

"Bored with sleeping? Read this book at night. Michael Arnzen's poems are absolutely terrifying. His writing makes me uncomfortable for all the right reasons. If you enjoy the things that go bump in the night, Arnzen's poems might change your mind. Arnzen is disturbingly, madly, brilliant and I pray for those close to him." —Ryan Mecum, author of Zombie Haiku and Dawn of Zombie Haiku.

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AVENGER – my Peter Gabriel-inspired crime poem for 30 Days of the 5-2

AVENGER I know something about opening pimpers and whores I know how to kill quietly and mop up bloody wooden floors I know how to hide body parts behind my cabinets and drawers Clipping the strippers Clipping the strippers of their spinal cord wires Their stunned paralysis inspires Inspires me I like laughing at lap…

Diabolique Strategies: Random Provocations into the Dark Side
Sample screen from Arnzen's new web app -- Diabolique Strategies: Random Provocations on the Dark Side

I’ve long admired the “Oblique Strategies” — an infamous deck of creativity cards invented by musician Brian Eno and artist Peter Schmidt that has a cult following among artists and musicians. It is one part thinking game, one part fortune cookie. They made it as a way to spur them into thinking differently about their…

AWP14 Seattle
Sweeping the Black Ocean

Last weekend, I attended the 2014 Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference (aka AWP14) at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. The AWP website boasts that with over 12,000 attendees and 650 exhibits it is “now the largest literary conference in North America” — and it certainly was the largest I’ve been to…

Anthology Updates

I’ve finally gotten around to adding an Anthology page to the bibliography here on, and though it’s still rudimentary I plan to update it with links and images and more. In the mean time, I wanted to share a few updates about recent anthology appearances, in case you missed the news from the latest…

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