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At the Nightsun writing conference in Frostburg, MD, last weekend, I had the privilege of performing a reading of fiction and poetry. Here’s an audio clip from the event, along with the text for one of the pieces I read — the Seussian horror poem, “Zombifurcation” — which appears in the latest issue of The…

At the Lindemann ‘Skills in Pills’ Exhibit in Dresden

My wife and I snuck away to Germany early in July to visit with family and old friends, and during our stay, we took a side trip to the former east to spend a few days in the city of Dresden. It’s a fantastic city, brimming with festive nightlife partying in the streets of the…

The Goreletter 10.1 Mailed
"Flick" by Michael Arnzen

The Goreletter Vol. 10, #1 — the first issue of 2015 — was delivered to mailing list subscribers on 6/24/15 @ 10:15pm est. It contains extra entertainment/material not available here on the weblog version, including a new gorelets poem, information on upcoming summer signings, and new art. The image below, for instance, was included in…

Lindemann’s ‘On Quiet Nights’ Released

Till Lindemann — frontman from the German metal band Rammstein, also releasing a promisingly twisted new solo album this month — has just published the English translation of his poetry collection, On Quiet Nights (aka In Stillen Nachten), through my favorite indie publisher, Raw Dog Screaming Press. I wrote the forward for this edition of…

The Gorelets Omnibus

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Ten Years in the Making...all right here at

"Bored with sleeping? Read this book at night. Michael Arnzen's poems are absolutely terrifying. His writing makes me uncomfortable for all the right reasons. If you enjoy the things that go bump in the night, Arnzen's poems might change your mind. Arnzen is disturbingly, madly, brilliant and I pray for those close to him." —Ryan Mecum, author of Zombie Haiku and Dawn of Zombie Haiku

"This is mandatory reading...brief, vivid poems written with skill, verve, and perverse humor. The Gorelets Omnibus collects nearly everything Arnzen's written under the Gorelets banner, and it's a must-have for the dark-verse aficionado." —Scott Emerson, Morgantown Poets

Available in hardcover, paperback or ebook from the publisher, or your favorite bookseller!

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