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Snapshots of StokerCon 2016

StokerCon 2016 was the inaugural convention sponsored by the Horror Writers Association, highlighting the genre with panel discussions, readings, writing workshops, booksignings and presentations… culminating in the Bram Stoker Award banquet, awarding the genre’s top practitioners with the coolest trophy in the world. It was a blast. Lots of great writers were up for and…

Life is a Poem

This poem got a lot of attention on twitter today, so I thought I’d embed it here for posterity. #PoemYourLifelife is a poemthat does not rhyme;so poems existto organize time– free verse wants to be free & death has its own poetry — Michael Arnzen (@MikeArnzen) May 11, 2016 Follow me on twitter at @MikeArnzen…

Snapshots from the 2016 World Horror Con

Just back from a “Provo-cative” weekend in Provo, Utah, where I attended the 2016 World Horror Convention as a special guest. It was a very intimate con, mistimed in the grand scheme of genre events this year (i.e., the first StokerCon is in Vegas next weekend — I’m going to that too), but having a…

More on “Please Publish My New Adult Coloring Book: GTFU”

Today my short parody, “Please Publish My Adult Coloring Book: Grow the F*ck Up!” is featured on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.  I’m perversely proud of this, for some reason.  Mostly, I think, because it validates my thinking that this silly piece actually contains a great idea for a book! However, I am also sensitive to the…

The Gorelets Omnibus

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Ten Years in the Making...all right here at

"Bored with sleeping? Read this book at night. Michael Arnzen's poems are absolutely terrifying. His writing makes me uncomfortable for all the right reasons. If you enjoy the things that go bump in the night, Arnzen's poems might change your mind. Arnzen is disturbingly, madly, brilliant and I pray for those close to him." —Ryan Mecum, author of Zombie Haiku and Dawn of Zombie Haiku

"This is mandatory reading...brief, vivid poems written with skill, verve, and perverse humor. The Gorelets Omnibus collects nearly everything Arnzen's written under the Gorelets banner, and it's a must-have for the dark-verse aficionado." —Scott Emerson, Morgantown Poets

Available in hardcover, paperback or ebook from the publisher, or your favorite bookseller!

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