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Scenes from the Bizarro Halloween Party / Grave Markings Launch
Blake Burkhead snorts GM

Last night, Raw Dog Screaming Press threw a great Bizarro Halloween night and launch party for Grave Markings 20th Anniversary Edition at the Terrault Contemporary gallery in Baltimore, MD. As you’ll see in the photos below, advanced copies of the novel were available, and the night featured a series of fiction readings, emceed by bizarro…

New Release: Grave Markings 20th Anniversary Edition
Available now from Raw Dog Screaming Press

This Halloween marks two decades since my Bram Stoker Award-winning first novel, Grave Markings, was published by Dell/Abyss Books. The story dramatizes a tattoo artist’s descent into madness, and the subsequent “artistic” killing spree that results. I was fortunate that ten years ago, it was reprinted in a fancy leatherbound and collectible hardcover run by…

The Goreletter 9.4 Mailed
Clip from "Phantoms"

Happy Halloween Season! The Goreletter Vol. 9, #4 was delivered to mailing list subscribers on 10/20/14 @ 10:00am est. It contains extra entertainment/material not available here on the weblog version, including breaking news about the re-publication of my first novel, Grave Markings, an extended Dictionscary entry musing over names for different lobes of the brain,…

Halloween Readings at
Catgut by Volker Neumann

My new spoken word rendition of “Katzen Clavier” — with bass and drum accompaniment — just went live on the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s “Halloween Readings” page. Curated by special guest Stephanie Wytovich, there are lots of fun readings on the site this year, including work by Marge Simon, Sara Tantlinger, Symantha Reagor, Maria Alexander…

The Gorelets Omnibus. Cover for The Gorelets Omnibus
Ten Years in the Making...all right here at

"Bored with sleeping? Read this book at night. Michael Arnzen's poems are absolutely terrifying. His writing makes me uncomfortable for all the right reasons. If you enjoy the things that go bump in the night, Arnzen's poems might change your mind. Arnzen is disturbingly, madly, brilliant and I pray for those close to him." —Ryan Mecum, author of Zombie Haiku and Dawn of Zombie Haiku.

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