Creative Horror by Michael Arnzen

3 thoughts on “Ignition

  1. Great Idea Michael,Posterous is is a good platform to use because it lets you send stuff to Twitter, Facebook and other social media places with a simple e-mail.I also like the idea of a hub. One place where you can send somebody to visit any of your other places that may appeal to them. I have an account that does that at But I’ve been having a few problems with it — it hasn’t updated in 25 days. If I can’t resolve that problem, I’ll follow your lead and make a Posterous account to do the same thing.–Greg

  2. Thanks for helping warm up the new joint. I can tell ya, Greg, Posterous seems to be wonderful, so far! Very easy to use, it accepts all sorts of media (like podcasting, which I’m considering) and that “hub” function (of autoforwarding posts to twitter, etc.) sold me on it. I think it’s cool that it allowed me to use my own domain name too (I already owned it, but it was just forwarding folks to instead…now it has a purpose!) Hadn’t heard of, but a 25 day wait is totally crazy. Come on over here! 🙂

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