Creative Horror by Michael Arnzen

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Digital Art by Michael Arnzen

‘The Fridge of the Damned’ Word Art Series

Artistically manipulated fridge poem by Mike Arnzen

“Found Bones” by Michael Arnzen

Word Art inspired by the kickstarter campaign for the Fridge of the Damned magnetic word tile kit (Jan-June 2013)

See the fan photo gallery of poems by fun-loving people using the Fridge of the Damned. Or purchase the Fridge of the Damned from Raw Dog Screaming Press.

Demons of the Dark

‘demonaurus’ by Michael Arnzen

Demons of the Dark: An imaginary bestiary from the shadows of hell.

Visit the Demons of the Dark gallery on flickr.

Alternative Rorschach

Card VI by Michael Arnzen

Card VI by Michael Arnzen

Creative alterations of actual Rorschach inkblots

Visit the Alternative Rorschach series on Flickr.


There is No Exit by Michael Arnzen

‘There is No Exit’ by Michael Arnzen

Visit the gorelets gallery on for more of Michael Arnzen’s digital artwork. If you’re interested in book illustrations and covers, there’s a gallery for that too. You can view other Arnzen-related images on Instagram or the Ambulations category of the weblog.

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