August 2011

s_g_browne Okay, how would you write the creepy sound from the Friday the 13th films? Is it: “Chee chee chee chee, ah ah ah ah?” And I want references!

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AdviceToWriters Anne Lamott: “Turn off Twitter”:

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leatherzebra Is this for real? Dexter Ben & Jerry’s

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Dark Promptings: For the Bible Tells Me So with Lee Allen Howard - @ Michael Arnzen’s weird weblog.

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LeeAllenHoward Check out my divinely inspired dark writing prompts at Michael A. Arnzen’s Gorelets.

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Unfortunately, “lollygag” does not mean to choke someone with a Tootsie Roll Pop. See Safire in NYT:…

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scottsigler A print book is really a kind of tree zombie.

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(A personal favorite)

The Devil at Group Therapy: “Ola! I’m Satie / and I’m a mother of three / adorable little / whipper-snappers / aged six / six / and six.”

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Uberlink to the “Dark Promptings” series:… You will want to recall this come !

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More dark promptings: Natalie Duvall @natt444 starts you off with some “romantic dialogue” of a twisted kind…

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SpectrumCulture Even if you hate horror films and can’t stand 3-D, FRIGHT NIGHT (with Colin Farrell) is worth the price of admission.

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torforgeauthors Ann VanderMeer on No Longer Editing Weird Tales via @jeffvandermeer

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Hodgman is brilliant! Daily Show on the death of Borders, in case you missed it:…

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mubi Late Summer Horrors

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The Incredible Shrinking Writer

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creativity idea for writers: draw the mind map that YOUR CHARACTER (not you) would draw in an effort to problem-solve.

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AnnKingman Damn, is shutting down. I suspect they were ahead of their time. The bookworld needs such a service.Anyone?

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Many Genre fans: check out Portable MFA in Creative Writing by New York Writers Workshop… FREE 2day FOR KINDLE!

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Michael Bracken asks “If you can’t write about your family, who can you write about?” Check out the new…

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NEW Dark Promptings: “Fear the Family” with Michael Bracken…

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NonHorrorSurvey Interview - Ecto Bits with Scott A. Johnson

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A friend yesterday mentioned a new ‘problem’ with ebooks he doesn’t have w/paper: the endless queue of the suckage that never goes away.

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@allthingsnoisy @CrimespreeJon Wow, that’s literally a GALLON of coffee down the coffeehole. Impressive! Wish my carafe was that big!

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CrimespreeJon I woke up with too much blood in my coffee stream

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jkwarman Best writing advice I’ve ever heard? “You can’t fix a blank page” - Mike Arnzen. This has gotten me through I-don’t-know-how-many days.

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Thanks @jkwarman! All the best in your writing.

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William Castle is back from the grave: @scareitforward

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Next in the Dark Promptings story starter series is @SallyBosco with a number of “Uncanny Surprises”…

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call for participants in @uncannyvalley research:…

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heidirubymiller MANY GENRES, ONE CRAFT Signing at (Pittsburgh, 2011)… @MikeArnzen

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RT @joelansdale Urban Fantasy anthology edited by Peter Beagle and myself is now out<-Get this and Crucified Dreams from

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Horror media fun for the weekend, part B: Exploring the expressionistic game by Play Dead Games: “Limbo”

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Horror media fun for the weekend, part A: Rediscovering the Dark Side of the 1980s (music) thanks to @KittyLectro

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Dark Promptings: A Series of Story Starters from Authors in Many Genres, One Craft

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uncannyvalley @MikeArnzen I’m looking for people to take part in a study exploring the . Can you help? Please RT?

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New “Dark Promptings”: Alone in the Dark with Mary Sangiovanni:…

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NoraThompson For followers finally awake in the US: My book project is up on Kickstarter (with a blurb from @MikeArnzen)

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The horror audiobook market is desolate. Publishers: get on this! With the right atmosphere and voice, scary stories are the BEST in audio!

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What Steers Vampires to Blood:…

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Arrival of the Blood Collector

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Cowboys & Smurfs….now THAT would have been a blockbuster I’d pay to see.

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New on Pedablogue: QR Codes and my Campus Office Door

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