February 2012

(Shouting down into the pit while lowering a laptop on a rope). “It clicks the like button on the facebook page.” facebook.com/gorelets

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@Tweet_Shrieks “An opportunity tweeter.” LOL!

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Fox News says Pinterest is “Facebook for Women”. foxnews.com/scitech/2012/0… Quit flirting with me Fox News! I’m at: pinterest.com/mikearnzen/

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Like pathological killers, there are also serial and spree twitterers. Which are you? Tonight, I spree.

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@WDGagliani Curious. But be careful! Write it three times and who knows what evil will break its bindings!

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@tanyatwombly Best wishes with your PhD work (in horror), Tanya! Get past that exam and enjoy the nirvana of dissertationmentarianism!

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Come to “International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts 33” Wednesday, March 21 at 4:00 pm until… fb.me/1DLRgd0dJ

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Come to “The Louisiana Conference on Literature, Language & Culture” Thursday, March 29 at 4:00 pm untilfb.me/1ixJXw7oHqNJc

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RDSPress Here’s an excerpt from the INSTIGATION section of THE GORELETS OMNIBUS a bonus from the hardcover edition…. fb.me/1tIDUkxx1

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@JasonJackMiller Not entirely sure, but I think the bust might be kept in the restroom of @theheadkeeper (ironically). Enjoy the GS show!

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sblackmoore It’s terrible to see a family torn apart by something so simple as wild dogs.

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WDGagliani My horror thriller WOLF’S EDGE among the flashing on NYC Times Square CBS Jumbotron! bit.ly/wZHkec That’s howlin’!

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Instigation: Excerpt from The Gorelets Omnibus on scribd.com post.ly/5fN9u

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WorldBookDayUK If you could be a fictional character from any book for a day, who would you be?

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The Gorelets Omnibus: Collected Poems, 2001-2011 by Michael Arnzen on your Kindle for $4.99 amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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If you liked the ‘kidneys’ episode of Justified, you might get a laugh out of this video interview with the writer: youtu.be/PEYYYH51yJI

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johnwayneisdead Check out @MikeArnzen The Gorelets: Omnibus from @RDSPress. A very well done chilling collection of horror poems.

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RDSPress Ebook reviewers: if you would like to review RDSP titles like
THE GORELETS OMNIBUS by @MikeArnzen, contact reviews@rawdogscreaming.com

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Sneak peek at this beautiful book on The Exorcist (coming March). Proud to be part of it. pinterest.com/pin/6438746964…

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“Wisdom Teeth” — This bizarre and sickly hilarious short opened up the “Evening with don hertzfeldt ” event at… fb.me/1c0rjsBmH

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World’s Ugliest Animals (except to each other, I’m sure): nydailynews.com/life-style/wor…

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jimmypagecom On this day ‘Physical Graffiti’ by Led Zeppelin was released bit.ly/w61Cq9

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DHarlanWilson Want to learn something about writing? Follow the Architect: @ArchPossible

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Ron Malfi’s Floating Staircase is a Stoker Award nominee for Best Novel. Deservedly. Solid haunted h pinterest.com/pin/6438746964…

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Sherman_Alexie If you don’t have at least 100 books in your house then I worry for your children’s future.

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Just posted “Sybilla Scream”: Kindle Art Experiment #25: flickr.com/photos/gorelet…

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LeeAllenHoward The prolific Michael A. Arnzen, my mentor at Seton Hill U, is driving a poetic bus that will run you down. Pay the… fb.me/waVduXMm

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Just posted “Foamy Fish.” Kindle Art Experiment #24: flickr.com/photos/gorelet…

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First sighting of my new book! Looks awesomely weird, Bill — thanks for posting! Haven’t gotten mine yet, but… fb.me/wh2xXkFS

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The hardcover Gorelets Omnibus is still $5 off at Amazon! You can save money on the book, but your sanity is… fb.me/1v7ZKUhpE

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Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress exhibition. I think the display should be placed over a plastinated bodyworl pinterest.com/pin/6438746964…

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Amazon price cut $5 off my brand new hardcover, The Gorelets Omnibus amazon.com/gp/product/193…

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A cruel way to serve flies to children. pinterest.com/pin/6438746964… via @Pinterest

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Why do I imagine Joe Pesci uttering this in tortured French? Neat artwork from http://skulluxe.blog pinterest.com/pin/6438746964…

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Too tired to do it right now. Excrauhstination.

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Thanks @kanessie for the weirdly weird @cookies_of_doom fortune! “…with no eyes left to follow you, they search for you by touch.”

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Wow…it’s the 20 year anniversary of Wayne’s World! Excellent. For party time see @Coverville’s latest podcast coverville.com/archives/podca…

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Don Hertzfeldt @donhertzfeldt has completed his “Bill” trilogy…will be rewatching 1 & 2 in anticipatipinterest.com/pin/6438746964…MSP7

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I’ve been schooling myself in post-punk…on a Magazine fixation for awhile now. Secondhand Daylight pinterest.com/pin/6438746964…

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Sharon Olds — teaching her poetry for the first time this month. One of the greats. pinterest.com/pin/6438746964…

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(A personal favorite)

he recalls it while / chewing her noggin nougat — / the way they once kissed

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99u In Defense of Audiobooks - bit.ly/AoWXPw

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@MGLeet LOL… well, even “I” (one letter) cannot be contained by a tweet! I am legion! I contain galaxies! I eat bags of funsized candies!

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Instead of saying ‘me,’ from now on I’m going to refer to myself as ‘my significant same.’

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BFI Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender brings together the love business and butchery: bit.ly/w0rUIl

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MarcusRomer ‘an artist isn’t a different type of person, but every person is a different type of artist’…

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“Perishable” — a new messed up photo posted on my flickr gallery at flickr.com/photos/gorelet…

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Congrats to my Many Genres compadre @heidirubymiller on the release of her new SFR book GREENSHIFT networkedblogs.com/tWuGW

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“Unpleasantries”: Dark valentines and other holiday card parodies by Tim Harrington (@lessavyfav). harringtonandselves.com/unpleasantries/

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Pleasant Dreams… WIGS FOR CATS! toxel.com/inspiration/20…

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@JustAfterSunset I LIKE the nutso idea of a sparkly vampire. But sparkly isn’t SEXY. Fish scales and gasoline also gleam in the sunshine.

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Contrary to popular belief, you cannot suck the poison out from a vampire bite like snake venom. You will only taste blood, and swallow it.

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My latest — The Gorelets Omnibus — hardcover edition is now live (or undead anyway) on amazon.com: amazon.com/gp/product/193…

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sfsignal Table of contents for the HUGE, 2-Volume anthology THE CENTURY’S BEST FICTION edited by John Pelan: sfsignal.com/?p=50038

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bschorr Your mobile phone has more computing power than all of NASA in 1969. NASA launched a man to the moon. We launch birds into pigs. @mpyeager

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Now THIS is a pop-up book! toxel.com/inspiration/20…

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Show your love. Just don’t get arrested for it. [Raw Dog Screaming Press t-shirt contest info on facebook] fb.me/1vZla46zQ

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Pimp (my?) books from @RDSPress and you could win a tshirt from them that will make others tremble to look upon ye. rawdogscreaming.com/newsletter/Feb…

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The hardcover edition has 70 additional pages and exclusive “writing workshop”. Presently available from publisher: rawdogscreaming.com/gorelets.html

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Barnes and Noble offers a good deal on the new release of the paperback edition of The Gorelets Omnibus!

But… fb.me/tb618QK4

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Le freak, c’est eek.

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chuckpalahniuk Let’s have some fun today. Tweet your scars! Top 5 get scar pics get a free CHOKE shirt. Use this hashtag

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It must be delightfully morbid to stir the skull sugar in the morning art-in-you.tumblr.com/post/169214296… [props to @ChristyLStewart for the find]

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SlicerXVIII@MikeArnzen: Is the horror genre dead? Garth Marenghi has the answer. post.ly/52tk7” Hint: it’s “No”

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WritelyDone Very first newsletter is out! writelydone.com/newsletter/1024 in it mentions of @grammarissa, @MikeArnzen, @JFbookman, @Carnival_Indies, @AbsoluteWrite

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fbihop I propose renaming Groundhog Day “Bill Murray Day” because he deserves it more than some rodent.

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TheKJA All Rush fans should celebrate today 2/1/12. Go to your local Temple of Syrinx…

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Disappointed that JCP’s “Nooooooo!” ad campaign was just about prices. I thought it might herald a new policy to only hire mannikins.

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It was open mic night / so the poet stepped on stage / and dismantled the microphone. / No one laughed. / Except Mike, / who was relieved.

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It’s February already. Get busy living, or get busy tweeting.

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Selected poems from
The Nest appear in:

cover for The Gorelets Omnibus by Michael Arnzen