April 2012

See the RDSP Events page for my appearances in May & June: rawdogscreaming.com/events.htm I’ll be at… fb.me/1oGsIMQLi

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soho_press Whoa! Indeed. B&N and Microsoft pair up. bit.ly/Io5Bsi

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WorldHorror2012 Spread the word, horror fans— and Stoker Weekend will both be in New Orleans Jun 13-16, 2013! stokers2013.org

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“Remember, the pavement we travel is always black as night, as if it’s been collecting shadows…” Latest e-book: darkhighways.weebly.com

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@rhonda_greene Another reason why I dumped Pinterest. Besides, it’s probably best that I impale weird things to boards in private.

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@RachaelHerron “I have to do something I’m scared of every single day this week.” Turn it around; that’s actually good “self-help” wisdom!

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@PhilKomarny Nice quote! My favorite of Godin’s books is We Are All Weird. forbes.com/sites/danschaw…

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@g_so Noted! The 5-2 Poetry weekly poemsoncrime.blogspot.com is a neat site.

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“Degradebook” — a weirdified shot of my gradebook as we approach final’s week at SHU: flickr.com/photos/gorelet…

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chrisridge5 THE CREATURE CORNER creaturecritter.blogspot.com/?spref=tw
spent some time with gorelets this morning. Lots of fun. Also posted my zombie flash story

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Another 5-star reader review for my latest book, The Gorelets Omnibus, on amazon! Check it out, weirdos: amazon.com/gp/product/193…

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davidbainaa New today! DARK HIGHWAYS: FIVE ROAD TRIPS INTO TERROR, with @MikeArnzen, @CDennisMoore, @johnaburks & Lorelei Shannon bit.ly/IsbzIo

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Finally got around to posting my con report for ICFA 33 — the International Association for the Fantastic in the… fb.me/J1anBnRc

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Proud of my Alma Mater: U Oregon will launch new minor in Comics and Cartoon Studies in Fall 2012: cascade.uoregon.edu/spring2012/hum…

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JustAfterSunset Check out my review of The Gorelets Omnibus by @MikeArnzen :joinmeinthemadhouse.blogspot.com/2012/04/book-r…

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“The Wonder Hospital” [Full film, 12min] fb.me/1z2GadIBP

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Vinyl can be scratched and shattered. Every pressing is a ltd edition. Just like human beings. Happy Record Store Day.

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Indie bookstores and small publishers should work together to create an event like Record Store Day (today!): recordstoreday.com

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heidirubymiller PATHS TO PUBLICATION: The Gorelets Omnibus by @MikeArnzen (@RDSPress) heidirubymiller.blogspot.com/2012/04/paths-…

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“Phone data shows romance driven by women.” bbc.co.uk/news/science-e… Pizza? Driven by men.

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“Little Hobbit”: Descendents of Tolkien and Dickens collaborate: bbc.co.uk/news/entertain…

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@JustAfterSunset Warning: There exists no exorcism ritual for readers of The Gorelets Omnibus! Enjoy it while your soul remains animate!

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Moved a number of my art files into to my flickr account tonight. Here’s “let us in”…. fb.me/1YrcKm89q

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For the record: Gorelets.com/blog now incorporates all that my posterous mobile site used to, in a new category called “Ambulations.”

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perilouswriting Want to win MANY GENRES ONE CRAFT? Follow my link. perilouswriting.com/2012/04/09/giv…

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I thought JK Rowling’s left hand was chopped off when I first saw this photo; Freudian slip of the eye, perhaps?: wired.com/geekdad/2012/0…

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Listen to this awesome audio collection of microhorror stories by @BlackDogNate of the nefarious journal, MicroHorror: microhorror.bandcamp.com/album/microhor…

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You say “Spork,” I say “Runcible Spoon.” google.com/#hl=en&q=runci…

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Meet The Freaksicord, a Spore creature inspired during a workshop on teaching with tech…. fb.me/1oGHDUJXr

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Did leap year give us an extra Friday the 13th so soon this year… or was it SATAN!?

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Hey authors! Your poetry is too nice. Here are some writing prompts to get your weird on: gorelets.com/dept/instigati…

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Screampunk? “I imagine it using nursery melody to make their victim fall asleep before they crawl out of the darkness.” etsy.com/listing/744634…

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@larazontally Incorporate spleen somewhere and you’ll be fine! :-)

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“What are your intentions with my daughter?” deathwishinc.com/files/mininarr…

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(A personal favorite)

“reincarnetworked”: she retweets dead celebrities / each post a possibility / each repeat a resurrection / a refusal of / twitter mortis

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ElectricLit Eat this book: 10 crazy and unusual book designs: j.mp/Hqqjtr // @flavorpill

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Congrats @NoraThompson on the great review of your Twisted flash for kids collection in @PublishersWkly: publishersweekly.com/978-0-9836699-…

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“It was beauty that killed the beast.” [“Yeah. That and the syphillis.”]: gorelets.com/blog/blather/s…

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Snarky Retorts to Classic Horror Movie Lines:… fb.me/1CCkRoMS0

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In addition to moving my posterous blog to gorelets.com, I’ve dumpted pinterest; uncomfortable w/TOS. pinterest.com/mikearnzen is toast.

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Moved and synthesized my old microblog at arnzen.posterous.com into my main blog at gorelets.com/blog this afternoon. Had to be done.

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esedia PSA: the Snuggle bear probably secretly wears your clothes.

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markarayner Kids, do not anger the Easter Bunny: tmblr.co/Zhl6IyJGHr90

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@Dark_Regions_Pr is offering 25% off their Bram Stoker Award winning books (including my own Proverbs for Monsters): darkregions.com/news.php?newsi…

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Thx for the film titles featuring karaoke scenes! (Keep ‘em coming) @katewmartin @wdprescott @jamescraig @Unoshato @NicolePeeler

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Research request: can you name a film that features a scene with the main character(s) singing karaoke?

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New post to The Popular Uncanny: review of PGB ezine’s special issue on The Uncanny: gorelets.com/uncanny/theory…

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“Like Twilight Zone episodes I want to see” — new 4 star reader review of The Gorelets Omnibus on @amazon: amazon.com/gp/product/193…

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If you attended my readings recently, you heard me read my Matheson-inspired story. It’s from this book: HE IS LEGEND amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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HeadlineBooks Many Genres One Craft is a Finalist in the Writing Category - 2011 Book of the Year Awards bookoftheyearawards.com/finalists/2011… via @ForeWordmag

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Ever notice how the WWF panda logo looks like a skull? pic.twitter.com/4funFuue

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AngelMcCoy Big congrats to all the Bram Stoker Award winners! Full list posted here: bit.ly/HbzNkZ @HorrorWriters

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arashamel@WorldHorror2012: first Bram Stoker award for Vampire Novel of the Century goes to Richard Matheson for I am Legend!

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@chuntastic thanks for the louisiana conference experience! had a blast. gratitude to everyone and the crawfish for their brains.

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