June 2012

fiddleblack Fiddleblack and Clive Barker together for an annotated edition of CABAL: fiddleblack.org/blog/2012/anno… (via @FEARnet).

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Bid with me to support @anacortez’s kickstart project for “The Book of Knowing” playing card deck: kickstarter.com/projects/booko…

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80s Social Networking Mix Tape: “I Will Follow” (u2+twitter). “Love Plus One” (Haircut 100 and Google+). “Like Mike” (Facebook+NikeTVAd).

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“Cutting Block Press is pleased to announce our seventh story for +Horror Library+ Vol 5 – “Pillars of Light” by..fb.me/xEqEqFqs3d

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@JustAfterSunset @bizarroguy My cackle was passed down to me from the last laugh of a thousand dead clowns.

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@NoraThompson Hoorah! That’s awesome. More power to you — keep spreading the word about the power of flash horror fiction.

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SallyBosco @MichaelKnost Thanks for that great blog post. michaelknost.blogspot.com/2012/06/big-qu…

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Querus_Abuttu Excellent horror anthology! Support the Ronald McDonald House! Writers Tim Waggoner and Chis Shearer won’t disappoint: amazon.com/Dark-Light-ebo…

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NarfNitsirk Why you should go to Seton Hill, in the words of @HorrorScott americanhorrorwriter.blogspot.com/2012/06/retrea…

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Rigormarole (Zombie Poems), Audiovile (spoken word CD) and a few other updates to the new book page on my website: gorelets.com/books/

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New urban fantasy book out today by fellow prof @NicolePeeler. Congrats! See her fans rave and learn more at: ow.ly/bPNsz

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My new Books and Other Creative Works page has gone live:… fb.me/1BCrn5egN

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RT @maeempson “I just picked up a copy of Gorelets Omnibus. So good and creepy!” Thx! Read poems to strangers in elevators — even creepier!

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@RDSPress @MikeMehalek Nice photo—I look suspiciously well-nourished. A+B=C.

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The table of contents for The Gorelets Omnibus is so big it is not in the book & needed its own webpage. Here you go!: gorelets.com/books/the-gore…

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The @darkfuse kindle subscription is a whopper of a horror book deal. Time to start stuffing the piggie bank. darkfuse.com/delirium-kindl…

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Kind of amazing to see this over-the-top photo of all the book awards our Many Genres title has accumulated for… fb.me/196ZS5gsE

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@MichaelKnost Thanks for bringing the @HorrorWriters association to the house this week. It was a blast. Makings of a new HWA chapter?

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neiltyson I love the smell of the universe in the morning.

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@jeffreyjcohen There’s definitely a mystery buried there! Neat.

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@downrightcreepy Nice video of the Alien test footage. Reminds me of how I felt getting out of bed this morning for some reason…

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NancySpringer The thing about revision is, you don’t want to turn in a manuscript with bandages stuck all over it.

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Congrats to the graduates this afternoon…and to the alums for hosting such a raucously successful workshop! Books ahoy!

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heidirubymiller MANY GENRES writing guide takes silver at the Book of the Year Awards today in L.A. @MikeArnzen

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HeadlineBooks Many Genres, One Craft SILVER in @ForeWordmag Book of the Year Awards 2011 Winners in Writing Adult Nonfiction @heidirubymiller @MikeArnzen

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New Post to The Popular Uncanny: “Thing Addams, Photographer”: gorelets.com/uncanny/advert…

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Photos from last night’s mass book signing at Seton Hill University:… fb.me/Klh4t9Z4

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Great new 5-star review for Many Genres One Craft (now also avail in ebook!): amazon.com/gp/product/093…

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@sheldonhigdon Good to see you at the book signing, Sheldon!

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@Horrorlitchica @RenegadeScribe @SizzleWriter How could we forget? See you next year, if you are able. But breaks are important too.

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@therealduv Your ‘really cranky dad’ blog has some touching and also hilarious posts! Belated happy father’s day. Good to see you 3 at rez.

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You rock, @JGunnarGrey …thanks for composing the cool review of Many Genres!

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@davidbainaa @johnaburks @CDennisMoore Thanks for the preview, David… Dark Highways looks good in print. darkhighways.weebly.com

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dlepsch Genre Conventions with @LCConnolly pic.twitter.com/0BygmwlA

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pirategirljack Photo: Rez tmblr.co/ZrUTLyNuGtsq

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Look at all the horror writers (and this isn’t even all of them) on the SHU campus this weekend for the writing… fb.me/1KjGksKCh

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Tonight’s book signing is ON, and will be huge. 7pm, McKenna Center, SHU Greensburg. See the official press… fb.me/1t4882Fay

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Finally getting some traction on my long-absent “books” page on gorelets.com. Much left to do, though: gorelets.com/books/

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@NicolePeeler @Fab @orbitbooksuk Great cover, Nicole!

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@dlepsch @heidirubymiller Heidi’s laptop under the doc projector! Consider fetching IT to assist. (Help desk on the 4th floor, by elev.).

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Many Genres One Craft: Lessons in Popular — NOW IN @amazon for $9.99 amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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@SallyBosco Break a leg with your module. I would love a copy of your notes or materials. See you soon!

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@MikeMehalek @JasonJackMiller A disappearing act that lasts five years is pretty damned impressive, Tricky! See you soon.

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JStevenYork RT @KristineRusch: The word of the day: degrogatory. I meant to type derogatory, but added the extra g. Can you tell I’m tired?

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@JasonJackMiller LOVED the speech, and thx for your appendix! (Rumor has it: the 12 year tradition of the Arnzen joke may be broken.)

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@JustAfterSunset @HorrorScott @timwaggoner See you there. Movie might not end till 9:30.

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Have a good residency . Welcome to the Cornucopia.

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Looks like michaelarnzen.com is back up and running. Fingers crossed that it sticks. Thanks all for checking for me!

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LOL @therealduv … thanks for pinging the darkness. You’ll always see him there.

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@BetsyWhitt THANKS Betsy! It does seem to be up and running again. Gracias for the alert…

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Alert: michaelarnzen.com is temporarily unavailable. Will post update when restored. Meanwhile gorelets.com is open for biz! :-)

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@amergina Thanks Ann… great timing for problems like this, a few hours before the rez! :-(

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Need a quick link check. Are you able to see the page at michaelarnzen.com? It isn’t working in my browser. rply yay or nay real quick?

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PSA: Those attending or for first time might dig Joy’s Japanimation & Comics in Greensburg. Also… fb.me/1feyBqFRq

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(A personal favorite)

hearts never melt — / they just shrink and quiver. / so place a chocolate kiss / in each ventricle / before frying / your valentine gift.

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Eyebombing 10 Amazing Eyebombing Images. buzzfeed.com/eyebombing/10-…


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heidirubymiller Pics of Book Signing last year heidirubymiller.blogspot.com/2011/06/mgoc-e… Join us this year on Friday June 22 7PM Pls RT @MikeArnzen @s_a_check @megmims

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‘Dijester’ — a very weird one — posted to my continuing “demons of the dark” art series: flickr.com/photos/gorelet…

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MikeMehalek Good writing prompt? …From a bench in the subway. pic.twitter.com/SIKPM3tV

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NarfNitsirk Book Signing! p.ost.im/p/evp9u7

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(A personal favorite)

the geyser of blood / lasts only a moment / disappointing the Oil Baron Killer — / but fueling him anyway / for the next drilling

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“No one will ever believe you.” Bill Murray urban legends: billmurraystory.com/what-the-hell-…

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Cool. B&N online is offering Jeffrey Brown’s hilarious comic series, Darth Vader and Son, at half price for dad’s day!: barnesandnoble.com/w/darth-vader-…

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@Sherman_Alexie’s great Father’s Day gift to the world: “Forgive our Fathers” from Smoke Signals. Clip: youtube.com/watch?v=OB0RgM…

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Reminder: Book Signing this coming Friday, 7pm on the SHU campus in Greensburg, PA:… fb.me/1YQZUi77v

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Famous authors zombie tarot readings: huffingtonpost.com/stacey-graham/…

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@fairwoodpress It never would have grown without your support of the sapling and so much more. THANK U for publishing the original Gorelets!

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@kanessie Don’t do it! You’d end up getting up early to tweet with us back here! :-)

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@NicolePeeler re:editing. It’s bad advice to “kill your darlings.” You should duck tape their mouths and pinch their noses for awhile first.

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@NicolePeeler re:that email — I know, I know. But could be good opportunity. We’ll talk. Congrats on wrapping up your book series btw!

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@tanyatwombly The hunger games begin Thursday in Lowe Dining Hall

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Play Dead fans: I’ve recommended The Playing Card Oracles to you before. Now Ana Cortez is launching a NEW tarot deck: anacortez.com

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“pfierpflea”: another ‘demon of the dark’ digital painting flick’d to my flickr: twy.la/MwkEB1

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Sometimes dead is better. Sometimes email is better. Sign up for my Bram Stoker Award-winning newsletter at:… fb.me/19bboFU0R

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base_intrigues For the poets in us: locusmag.com/Roundtable/201…

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It’s my “imaginary bestiary from the shadows of hell” — gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…

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Very pleased with how this “Demons of the Dark” horror art turned out last night: “Gruester”:… fb.me/1w0CuK4wm

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Gruester | Flickr - Photo Sharing! twy.la/LVyyKJ

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“Schnapdraegon”: wild new artpiece posted to my “demon series” on flickr:… fb.me/2dNp2pj6e

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Great new 5-star review of The Gorelets Omnibus on @amazon compares it to Gary Larson’s Far Side comic: amazon.com/gp/product/193… (Gory Larson?)

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RT @davidbainaa Awesome poem on the “irrelevance” of genre poetry - by DARK HIGHWAYS contributor Mike Arnzen bit.ly/N9EwgC <-Thank u!

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“Over the Edge” - new vertiginous graphic posted to flickr: flickr.com/photos/gorelet…

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RT @io9 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Design of Prometheus on.io9.com/8SCV <- GOBLIN SHARKS! Cool vid: youtu.be/eh_HUIJkRzU

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Want to program your child to be a maniacal villain? Give them “Baby Laugh-a-Lot”: youtu.be/pLCq7N9GcNs fb.me/1eu4chz30

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Many Genres, One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction — our massive book — is $10 off at amazon right now. amazon.com/gp/product/093…

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@TomPiccirilli The branding is the hardest part! :-) Keep tellin’ it like it is, Tom! Riffed on ya in a poem recently: locusmag.com/Roundtable/201…

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sfsignal : Christopher Paul Carey (@cpcarey) on Collaborating w/ a & Grand Master: sfsignal.com/?p=55522

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Dissections: The Journal of Contemporary Horror - latest issue includes my Zombie Haiku & Poetry by Bryan Dietrich: simegen.com/writers/dissec…

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: Prometheus is a silverfish colony that lives within Ripley’s bathroom walls.

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mattstaggs Study Shows That You’re More Likely to Die on Your Birthday Than Any Other Day bit.ly/MCKdBe

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I given “The Nest” a makeover to feature twitter poems (using great software by @graulund and @Twylah). Tweet nirvana! gorelets.com/nest/

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Just learned that Civilization V is releasing an expansion pack with a scenario. Intriguing! @CivGame civilization.wikia.com/wiki/Empire_of…

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JeffStrand Actually, Forrest, boxes of chocolates usually have a guide on the underside of the lid that tells you what you’re gonna get.

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@Kydistortion35 Thanks for the review recommending Proverbs for Monsters to others living out southern, scandalous times.

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fans: I invite you to my Bram Stoker-award winning newsletter: The Goreletter gorelets.com/cgi-bin/dada/m…

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‘“Saving time” has made us slaves to speed.’ Graham Swift in NYTBR on time and the novel. RT @PublishersWkly pwne.ws/LMWqkd

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Jim Minton’s video adaptation of my poem, “The Scab” (from Exquisite Corpse): youtube.com/watch?v=fY0AoY…

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@miketrubino Cheers, Mike! Good to hear the signed book jacket prize, et.al., has arrived! Please scare children with it.

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SpiralGalaxy We wrap up the @locusmag blog series on sf poetry with Michael Arnzen replying in poetic form: tinyurl.com/7j5pxrr Personally, I loved it.

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@SpiralGalaxy Thanks again, Karen. I’m surprised by all the great comments it’s getting so far. Kudos to you for running this roundtable!

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@cafenowhere Say hello to my little pen. Thanks for the comment. Spread the love for this crazy stuff.

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@davisac1 @scottwoodssays @lukeweichel @cafenowhereThanks for the cool response to the poem in Locus on genre poetry!

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@lunalindsey That’s what I love to hear! Thank you for spreading the word.

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theJessMcHugh This awesome poem by Michael A. Arnzen is definitely worth a listen!! I heard him read it at the Raw Dog… fb.me/1Pd9tSatw

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RT @maeempson “This! Love this!” locusmag.com/Roundtable/201… <-Gracias! Usually my poems get an “ewww” response, so this is refreshing, folks. :-)

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FYI: Late nite notice — I will be taking gorelets.com tonight down for an upgrade. (Fingers crossed I return before dawn)….

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@ruckawriter @hopelessjen But Greg, I’m too busy telling her how much I loved your talk on Female Characters. gregrucka.com/wp/greg-talks-…

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RT @mohio73 “Darn cool! (On genre poetry.) @wnwagner: This. Is. Awesome” ow.ly/1NpliA <-Thanks! +@locusmag is cool for prompting it!

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@wnwagner @maeempson @SheikYurbouti YOU. Are. Awesome! RT: “This. Is. Awesome. Check it” locusmag.com/Roundtable/201…

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RT @hopelessjen “A dear friend from way back, @MikeArnzen wrote this lovely thing” locusmag.com/Roundtable/201… <- +You still rock - thank you Jen!

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RT @Tweet_Shrieks “Mad props to @MikeArnzen, whose simple “Why?” turned this novella into a novel.” <- :-) If you get stuck, ask why again!

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RT @KarenARomanko Thought-provoking poem by Mike Arnzen…Locus » On the Irrelevance of Genre Poetry locusmag.com/Roundtable/201… <-Thanks Karen!

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locusmag Roundtable: On the Irrelevance of Genre Poetry tinyurl.com/7j5pxrr

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“On the Irrelevance of Genre Poetry” — recorded live in Morgantown:… fb.me/26YUFl58l

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Latest issue of DISSECTIONS: The Jnl of Contemporary Horror is now live. This UK journal includes my zombie… fb.me/10Fe8mGgM

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Preview of exclusive horror poetry broadside posted to my blog at gorelets.com:… fb.me/1xxBM6uwR

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berfrois Why the fiction of ideas should be so neglected is beyond me. - Ray Bradbury theparisreview.org/interviews/601… @parisreview

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WritersDigest “I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.” -Ray Bradbury. Our favorite quotes from the legend: ow.ly/boNF0

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FYI: Gonna upgrade the system at my website at gorelets.com tonight. This station may be non-operational for awhile!

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“contusion is hungry / they still eat their young / proto-culture null and void …” Glad to hear @AtTheDriveIn will return!

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jamesscottbell Say, if you’re a kleptomaniac, take something for it.

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I want to spend an afternoon in April 1969, watching this double-feature : microbrewreviews.blogspot.com/2012/02/scenes…

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Ahlephia ‘Vampire’ skeletons unearthed in Bulgaria soc.li/GHWv7mS

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@wdprescott What happens in Lucien City stays in Lucien City.

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@sheldonhigdon The June 2013 residency runs June 25-30, 2013. Thx for the reminder about @worldhorror…glad they don’t conflict.

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Got a gift for you @LarryMeier Email me or Direct Message me privately with your postal address.

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RDSPress The RDSP June newsletter is now online: fb.me/1QVXZYTMr

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The free signed Omnibus book jacket giveaway has ended. But subscribe to my newsletter at gorelets.com and who knows what awaits.

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One more signed cover flap jacket for The Gorelets Omnibus to give away — direct message me and it could be yours! rawdogscreaming.com/gorelets.html

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Giving away two more free signed cover jackets to my book, The Gorelets Omnibus. Next two direct messages to me on twitter wins.

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Three free signed Gorelets Omnibus flap jackets to the first three to DM me today.

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Today I want to look at the calendar ahead and decide which cons i can afford/attend for the year to come. I’m a… fb.me/1HXyjoSPC

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I’ve finally completed the Gorelets Omnibus ltd ed broadside, for those who have been waiting. A few will be prizes for Goreletter readers.

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@RenegadeScribe LOL. I’ve eaten Brain Tapioca. It needs time to set.

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@sheldonhigdon I’m pretty sure I’ll attend WHC/Stokers 2013, since I now now it won’t conflict with . You? stokers2013.horror.org/index.html

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Great to hear that there are essentially two more natl novel writing months. Best wishes to all at @CampNaNoWriMo

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CampNaNoWriMo We love @ScrivenerApp. Know what we love even more? A discount on @ScrivenerApp! 20% off for everyone, 50% if you win! campnanowrimo.org/news/20-off-sc…

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“Demonsipper”: New horror art posted to my gorelets flickr gallery. Part of an emerging series, I think…. fb.me/1x2Fcd2YS

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@locusmag has been running a great series on genre poetry. My unique contribution should be there this coming weekend: locusmag.com/Roundtable/

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Annaleen I am disturbed. RT @edyong209: “When the cat was killed by a car, Jansen turned it into a helicopter.” natpo.st/KKiAG4

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johnrplatt Strangest, saddest story of the day: Black bear euthanized after eating body of Canadian murderer bit.ly/MskyNu

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We’ll be watching the short horror film shot on the SHU campus in 2008 during residency. Bad but good. Plan is 9pm on Thurz of rez.

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@sargenthouse Amazing $1.99 deal on all mp3 albums! @RedSparowes sample won me over big time. Looking forward to @Crypts soon!

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@JustAfterSunset Fun recursive haiku tonight. Thanks go to your inspiration! You’ve got mail!

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brainpicker An economist in defense of science fiction j.mp/JMS9jk

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FuriousDShow The Unlikables.

via Twitter for iPad (retweeted on 9:59 PM, Jun 3rd, 2012 via web)

@bizarroguy @heidirubymiller Poppin’ Fresh gonna pop you open like a crescent roll pack - and he’s got a big oven.

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@bizarroguy @heidirubymiller “Cuddlepunk!’ I love it. Someone write a noir serial killer tale from the point of view of the Snuggle Bear.

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@NicolePeeler LOL! Yes! Q to miss usa “What is your stance on attachment parenting?” A to judge: “I prefer it standing up near it stool.”

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@JustAfterSunset my eyes fade to black — / giving this snuff film / an appropriate ending

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@NicolePeeler Remember: only eat lactose intolerant calves from Ecuador, not those attachment-parented calves from the USA.

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g_so Of course, someone I don’t even expect could also write a new poem about Chandler/Marlowe. The gauntlet is down: poemsoncrime.blogspot.com/p/guidelines.h…

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(A personal favorite)

@JustAfterSunset Turn off the nightmares / throw the electrical switch / wired to my skull cap. [haiku chain: repeat last line and continue]

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“They’re coming to fix you, chapel!” Preserve Romero’s legacy near : fixthechapel.com

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JayKrow The Gospel of Stephen King religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/06/02/the… via @CNN

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New post to Gorelets: “Crosswords of Death” — gorelets.com/blog/ambulatio… fb.me/12mOIWKBN

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Just back from SHU alumni weekend dinner theater. Thanks, alums, for laughing with me at the “Hotel La Setonia” encore! gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…

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eScottNicholson @jgfaherty @dawnjudd @TomSiegoski @Derek_Haines @RVampoet @AndrewKaufman @EllenFisher1 @EmApocalyptic @rjkeller @MikeArnzen

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Reading “Michael Arnzen: Purveyor of the Uncanny”: Brochure by Nathan Rosen on Scribd scr.bi/JSELvp

via Scribd

DHarlanWilson @JohnJosephAdams @MikeArnzen @bizarroguy All fine fellows & authors responsible for various readings/antics this weekend.

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RDSPress : Never. Follow. Arnzen. @JasonJackMiller @MikeArnzen @heidirubymiller @AfterSunset @Tweet_Shrieks @bizarroguy

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And now I give you lazy : where I just RT the that you so kindly add me to.

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@wdprescott I know what you’re saying. I feel that way about most keyboards, actually. Or “clawboards” as I call them.

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Today I finished writing the intro to Bryan Dietrich’s impressive upcoming poetry book, The Monstrance. Hints here: bryandietrich.com/?q=node/2

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Yesterday I finished writing the intro to Dark Duet by Linda Addison and SMW @Speceditor666. Coming soon. Hints here: niteblade.com/home/blog/tag/…

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I definitely want one of these touchfire keyboards; ipads rock but fingerpainting is such a limited form of creativity. touchfire.com

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arnzen RT @PerformaHE Interesting podcast on use at @setonhill ow.ly/bgN6l <-Honest and info rich talk from our provost @magawelek

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An update on the book Many Genres, One Craft that I co-edited with Heidi Ruby Miller, author for Headline Books… fb.me/16HJhAAnF

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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the words “meat” and “party” are now trending in my posts at tweets.gorelets.com

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Cinemactik Sign 4 the Nightbreed Dir Cut! RT we are so close! only 350 signatures needed before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT bit.ly/I0B0Dk

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Selected poems from
The Nest appear in:

cover for The Gorelets Omnibus by Michael Arnzen