April 2013

My monthlong spree of poetry ended today, with “Rethinking the Holy Water Squirt Gun”:… fb.me/1J3YRYmbz

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Fridge of the Damned glam shot flic.kr/p/efmboP

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Just posted the final horror poem of “Rethinking the Holy Water Squirt Gun”: gorelets.com/events/rethink…

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Neat to see The Fridge of the Damned featured on the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction web page at @setonhill U: setonhill.edu/academics/grad…

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I’ve enjoyed writing horror all April for . Still believe in this: “On the Irrelevance of Genre Poetry”: gorelets.com/blog/weblog-ex…

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Last day of — 1 more poem to go. I’ll be reading from the whole month’s set at an event tonite on campus. gorelets.com/blog/

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Today’s poem for is a set of silly horror limericks: “Three Dumb Creatures” gorelets.com/events/three-d… One day left!

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@TjCart777 From just that one shot, I can tell the film is going to be GREAT! Looking forward to it.

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@amergina All true. It is a very dark side. You should see my stuffed bear.

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@AngelaPardue PRESCIENCE! I love uncanny moments like that. Enjoy Instigation! :-)

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: Pick a word currently on your screen. Your title is: “The Dark Side of [Your Word Here]”. Write. gorelets.com/showcase/

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spacefuture Massive Storm Ragging at Saturn’s Pole called “The Rose” n.pr/ZhaM2m

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You can see some of the wonderful craziness my horror writing class is doing with multimedia this term using hashtag

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RDSPress Here’s what the official Fridge of the Damned magnet display board. It looks so good that you just HAVE to buy the… fb.me/JHKGWvQ8

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RDSPress ends tomorrow: $2 off Gruesome inspiration, Fridge of the Damned magnets kill writers block! buff.ly/ZGZuc5

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RT @RDSPress Here’s the Fridge of the Damned magnet board with a new poem by my son. fb.me/1FPDFAJVW

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though she is bestial / her vast quilt of light / would change the universe goo.gl/CW0jz

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: I challenge you to compose and tweet a fridge magnet-styled poem with online site: twittermagnets.com

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History_Pics A scientist experimenting with cats and magnets.. pic.twitter.com/r0PIjKP61S

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DailyOutrageUK Is your fridge door lacking in frothing outrage and bigotry? Fix it with our Daily Outrage magnet set! bit.ly/15PA8vr

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28 Days Later… is where I am in my horror-poem-a-day calendar for National Poetry Writing Month. : gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…

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SaraJane524 Clearly a director in another life but this was really fun bit.ly/10m61DD

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I love working with such creative people! Here’s an awesome candidate for the @RDSPress magnet board for fb.me/2ljKIJKZV

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POEM: “Out the Backdoor” by @MikeArnzen flic.kr/p/eeUcrq — latest poem for

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: try this odd scenario from writing.com’s neat prompt app pic.twitter.com/fsGf8Usiz0

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The next issue of my horror newsletter will have a contest for my audio CDs. Subscribe here: gorelets.com/about/

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@PublishersWkly Patterson’s campaign: good, but may be out of touch. He’s like T. Boone Pickens campaigning for oil instead of natural gas.

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nextnature Times are changing folks! youtube.com/watch?v=qybMnZ…

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thenewwritermag National Flash Fiction Day to be held in the UK and around the world on 22nd June 2013 nationalflashfictionday.co.uk

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DepressedDarth What’s the temperature inside a tauntaun?

Luke warm

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Bought Scapple for the Mac… from the people who gave us @ScrivenerApp … it’s snappy, productive mind map software literatureandlatte.com/scapple.php

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Today’s horror poem “Climbing the Wall” has a little visual touch. fb.me/22BUTf7zZ

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Hear me recite “Babies of the Dead” from last week’s Sigma Tau Delta address on the updated page: gorelets.com/events/babies-…

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POEM: “I Swallow Souls” by Stephanie Wytovich (@JustAfterSunset) flic.kr/p/eeAxAm

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Weirded out excerpt from my article in Writer’s Workshop of Horror gorelets.com/blog/snippets-… [SF/F sequel up for preorder from @MichaelKnost !]

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@JustAfterSunset @RDSPress “Triolets of Terror” A wonderful spree / of icky fridge poetry / Are you totally sick / or is it just me?

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Free colorful horror flash/poetry ebook: “Meat Shots” by Arnzen, designed by @BlackDogNate gorelets.com/mastication/me… Just subscribe to dl it!

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@MAHLLC Hah! “Dear ACME: your safes are the very antithesis of the word “safe” and I will be writing the FCC…” Sincerely, Wile E. Coyote.

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for writers: “A maniac writes a complaint letter to a hardware company.” More prompts on the dark side: gorelets.com

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“Hammersack” is my horror poem for day 26. gorelets.com/events/hammers…

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Pinhead’s Optimism: “Down the dark decades of your pain, this will seem like a memory of Heaven.” — Hellraiser 3

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@Dowhatyoudont Wonderful! Thank you for the cool comment.

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Only 5 days left in April — i.e. 5 more entries to go in my horror poetry calendar. See the first 25: gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…

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Robert_Dunbar “The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination.” H. P. LOVECRAFT

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Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side by Michael Arnzen for Kindle $3.99 amazon.com/gp/product/B00… Also avail for iBooks, Kobo & Nook!

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Fans of my book, Proverbs for Monsters: check out the tumblr blog of the cover artist: @mpschuster Nice abstracts; it’s all in the angles!

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“A Dead Giveaway” is today’s horror poem for featuring a cannibal surprise: gorelets.com/events/a-dead-…

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Support Bad Moon Books and Thomas Ligotti “Death Poems” Updated Deluxe Edition! kck.st/XoH5AI via @kickstarter

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@ruckawriter @mpschuster Same here. I’ll be in Portland for WHC 2014…a reunion would be epic.

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@JustAfterSunset Enjoyed our convo today, Wyto! See you again soon.

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: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side is now available for the Kobo e-reader: kobobooks.com/ebook/Instigat…

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@mpschuster @ruckawriter Just looking at the photo fills me with a caffeine rush and makes me want to laugh, brainstorm and write! Thx Greg!

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heidirubymiller Be part of the massive book signing @setonhill In Your Write Mind Conference in June like @RDSPress! buff.ly/15GB0mb @natt444

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Poetry IS dead…and we like it like that! I’ve preordered Thomas Ligotti ‘s “Death Poems” from Bad Moon Books…. fb.me/1p3GxbRpd

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“The Electricity Show” is tonight’s horror poem, featuring a very strange executioner: gorelets.com/events/the-ele…

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Anythinghorror Classic 1960’s Japanese Ghost Story, Kuroneko, Getting the Blu-ray Treatment wp.me/pK3cM-7c5

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RT @sciam Human Hearts Bleed For Abused Robots bit.ly/148lrDr

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Black Sabbath to premiere new track from 13 via cameo appearance in CSI! ultimate-guitar.com/news/upcoming_…

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1 wk left to get the Fridge of the Damned at discount: rawdogscreaming.com/books/magnets.… flic.kr/s/aHsjDpPaRv

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Craftwork with @peterstraubnyc : youtu.be/r28nnvw7Cxs Vid of a great writing lecture from a great writer. c/o

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FictionVale We open for submissions on 5/15 - here’s a bit more about what we’re looking for in a short story submission. fictionvale.com/what-were-look…

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“Jawbone Ruminations”: a gruesome contemplation for tonight’s : gorelets.com/events/jawbone…

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Close up shot of “The Numb-er of the Beast” flic.kr/p/edKqwj

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I just noticed you can now subscribe to alerts of my new book releases on Amazon.’s Arnzen Page at: amazon.com/gp/entity/-/B0…

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“The Numb-er of the Beast” complete funny-art-poem here: gorelets.com/events/the-num…

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“The Numb-er of the Beast” - cheeky art format for the latest (poem on the label):… fb.me/OaGh4nS6

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Thomas Ligotti “Death Poems” Updated Deluxe Edition! by Roy Kevin Robbins — Kickstarterkck.st/XoH5AI7 via@kickstarterr

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@whybuckwhy Great blog post — glad you dug the “Perfumed Vampires” poem — thank you!

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Great to see this tumblr blog from publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press @RDSPress fb.me/1KRs91SjI

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heidirubymiller Photos of contributor @LCConnolly as April guest @MorgantownPoets - buff.ly/11vpJAW @MikeArnzen @CynthiaMcCloud

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@SaraJane524 Hah! Yes. The dead have no objective correlative “April is the ghoulish month”… gorelets.com/events/babies-…

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“Babies of the Dead”: a sick parody of TS Eliot’s ‘Waste Land’ for :… fb.me/27kUz7nIF

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Thanx @sjhulmie - Glad you enjoyed ‘the ride’!

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“What Carnies Really Call Their Rides” : gorelets.com/events/what-ca… fb.me/EdQ5QNGy

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@OfficialSabbath @iTunes @iTunesMusic The first track is fantastic on the new album. Classic and sludgy (Cheeky not to include “13” trax?).

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“What Carnies Really Call Their Rides”: an imaginary list for #20 gorelets.com/events/what-ca…

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poeticonic poem for ? Combining my two genres. Nice! Read & follow (I did!): RT @MikeArnzen: gorelets.com/events/a-beach…

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@MikeBrendan @kIytaemnestra Thx for mentioning my “Man Eating Plant” tale from 100 Jolts. Audio adaptation here:
: pseudopod.org/2007/10/18/fla…

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I a for Nat’l Poetry Writing Month “a beachside drink” was yesterday’s poem: gorelets.com/events/a-beach…

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HorrorNovels National Poetry Writing Month 2013 gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…

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arnzen Neat! My @thinglink presentation appears on the featured page at ThingLink — thanks @ThingLink_EDU thinglink.com/featured

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Thanks for the tip @chels337 I forgot it was ! Maybe I’ll swing by Jerry’s Records in Squirrel Hill, which oozes vinyl.

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One of my new faves by @JustAfterSunset POEM: “Open Casket” by Stephanie Wytovich flic.kr/p/ecNnyN

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heidirubymiller Did you know this year marks @RDSPress’s 10th Anniversary? They’re bigger than ever & keep expanding like adding SF imprint @Dog_Star_Books

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From @Weebeasty: “I picked up the Instigations book. I really love it.” Thanks, Shannon! Reviews like this Instigate me right back. Gracias.

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@SolitarySpiral It depends… 100 Jolts or Proverbs for Monsters are the short story collections to get. The novel Play Dead is out in June.

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@TjCart777 Cool — thanks for the heads up on Hemlock Grove.

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@heidirubymiller Great poem, Heidi! Only an expert can tame the Fridge of the Damned!

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One of my darker poems has been posted: “Stroke” gorelets.com/events/stroke/

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splinister Nice. Lisa Morton’s horror collection, Monsters of L.A., is free for the Kindle currently amazon.com/Monsters-of-L-…

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“if you have the stomach for it” is my slightly late gross-out poem for 4.17 gorelets.com/events/if-you-…

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@grammarissa Yummmmm….. but I will only eat that thing if it’s a BEAR’s heart.

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“Tumbling Zombie Head” - New digital horror art posted to my gallery:… fb.me/21PQUyI2C

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Cool find in the flickr commons: Sex Pistols i Norge, 1977 flic.kr/p/axtjE1

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Today’s horror poem is a satanic little number called “Navigator”: gorelets.com/events/navigat…

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from the - Slaying of Loved One / mechanized / puppet.

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@wordnik says ‘uncanny’ has a Scrabble score of 12. (I always claim 24 because it’s inherently a double word score). wordnik.com/words/uncanny

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Anyone following a “writing prompt” twitter acct that I should add to my list of them here? twitter.com/MikeArnzen/pro…

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Upcoming book to look for: @timwaggoner’s Bone Whispers from @PMPressBooks - great collection! I wrote the intro last weekend, so I know.

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EllenDatlow Hauntings is shipping—order your hot copy now: tinyurl.com/a748ffc

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Instant friendship: @SolitarySpiral Thanks for the shout out about Grave Markings, and for the great shot of Kathe K, who I think is tops.

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Halfway through — take a moment to read the weirdness so far, starting here: gorelets.com/events/katzenk…

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NickC46 Twitter is one big random conference call with no set agenda.

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poemsoncrime Seeking a female performer to record next week’s 5-2 poem. Reply or DM if interested/available. You can record by phone or audio file.

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JustAfterSunset Mud is in my mouth/ The dead are rolling over/ I swallow the dirt @dlepsch

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@MadeleineSwann Don’t feel too bad — you did your best to help the poor creature.

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@tommysalami @ChuckWendig @cstross “Fear” might fit in with Postman’s ‘Adult-Child’ premise — tv news is like a scary bedtime story.

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@RDSPress I love the Kurt Russell endorsement. Kudos.

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@MadeleineSwann I think it was hiding in the shoe beforehand, to commit stinkicide by sock.

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“Katzenklavier” is today’s crazy horror poem — w/art! See:… fb.me/IoZ08OBU

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@HorrorMovies Hey, maybe it’ll be called 28 Years Later, then? ;-)

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@MikeArnzen However, obviously, readerships do interpolate and change how genre conventions circulate, contributing to how they are defined.

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I love the world of publishing across all divides, but demographics like age and gender are marketing categories, not genres of literature.

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UPROXX Leave It To Patton Oswalt To Put The Boston Bombing In Proper Perspective uproxx.com/tv/2013/04/lea…

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If the androids get their steely hands on magnetic putty, they will swallow us with their pincer arms: vimeo.com/joeyshanks/put… via @Colossal

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Ick: I thought my feet smelled funny when I kicked off my shoes - turns out I had stepped on a stinkbug & it was stuck to my sock all day.

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Rodriguez Two Scoops is missing its Monster. Draw what you think it looks like, and we’ll bring it to life. bit.ly/10Rz7gM

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I saw Deep Thoughts greeting cards in a store today. Awesome! Researched: Jack Handey has a novel this summer! YES. deepthoughtsbyjackhandey.com/index.html

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@slicingeyeballs @SIRIUSXM The show is fantastic! Keep slicing the eye via the ear.

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(A personal favorite)

“dolled up”: porcelain features / decay’s cosmetics of blue — / death’s been good to you #14

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BlackDogNate Buy the Fridge of the Damned magnet kit at a discounted price! rawdogscreaming.com/books/magnets.…

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belfirepress @dday376 “Tearstone is a pitch black work of horror that has it all” - @MikeArnzen

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@AngelaPardue I agree- they kept things ‘the same but new’. But right after the hand…oh, the drippage and slippage! The audience squirmed.

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Did anyone else turn to their neighbor during the electric knife on the arm scene and whisper “Who’s laughing now?!?” I did!

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“Live Instigation” — blog post explaining the hashtag and a round-up of tweeted faves so far: gorelets.com/blog/instigati…

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G+: We’re halfway through the month-long challenge to write a throughout April 2013..plus.google.com/10618638523940…p1

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Here’s some visual from writing.com’s neat A+ Writing Prompts app for iOS. pic.twitter.com/YWvWJD2q9t

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POEM: “He is Everything” by Stephanie Wytovich (@JustAfterSunset) flic.kr/p/eb39ut

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POEM: “Machine Shudder” by Jennifer Barnes - @RDSPress Magnetic Display v.1 flic.kr/p/eb8Feb

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@SezinKoehler I think the expansion of the witchcraft was smartly done. More like Exorcist than NotLD. And the bathroom face scene - great!

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: wouldn’t have liked if I hadn’t seen the originals. But as a remake? It is fascinating and loads of fun. Purists: go see it.

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@Tweet_Shrieks Many appreciations to you, Scott! Great writing.

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@Tweet_Shrieks honors me at with an awesome reading to my poem : scottemerson.wordpress.com/2013/04/13/an-… Thx to Poems on Crime! @g_so

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JustAfterSunset New inspired by . Victor Frankenstein would be proud @RDSPress @MikeArnzen pic.twitter.com/DQq4NJpxjv

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@RDSPress is developing a cool magnetic display of Fridge of the Damned for cons and such. Backdrop may… fb.me/1PfHrUI7I

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Pulp Dickenson - new art posted to my Amazon Experiments gallery: flic.kr/p/eb2k9Q

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More (my poems inspired by @MutterMuseum) can be found here: tweets.gorelets.com/topics/mutterv… I did a marathon of these last Halloween.

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_JoyCastro Post-authenticity, social media, & the data-self. thenewinquiry.com/essays/google-… @newinquiry

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LibrarianRy AAP reports e-books now account for over 22 percent of US publishers’ revenue flip.it/kHeRJ

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GalleyCat Are you celebrating National Scrabble Day today? Here’s a huge list of literary words you can play: mbist.ro/17ryL54

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@g_so @Tweet_Shrieks Wunderbar! has been a great series of crime poems and tributes to follow, so I’m honored.

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“bloombrain” is a new entry in the series of poems, written for the 13th day of gorelets.com/events/bloombr…

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RDSPress Gruesome inspiration: $2 off Fridge of the Damned magnets for : buff.ly/YXQYDm Share poem pics here buff.ly/ZlHke1

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“bloombrain” gorelets.com/events/bloombr… Today’s poem is a new entry in the… fb.me/F4vreI8N

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+Lawrence C. Connolly visited my horror writing class yesterday, and presented a multimedia extravaganza. Here’s… fb.me/2pEcXq2kY

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“Zombie Parasite Kill” — another horror poem for :… fb.me/EF8CZLPz

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POEM: “Zombie Parasite Kill” by @MikeArnzen for flic.kr/p/eaKm5V

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Lawrence Connolly: “Stories & Media”: Lecture to @setonhill Horror Writing Class via @LCConnolly

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There should be a filename extension for .wtf files.

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“There is shuteye, but no shutear.” - David Toop. prompt: influence a sleeper with sound.

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Great chat going on NOW @BooktalkNation with @joe_hill @scalzi at bit.ly/10P8ZTc Joe is discussing humor and horror this second.

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BooktalkNation Join the Booktalk Nation video chat w/ @joe_hill & John @scalzi in 5 minutes! bit.ly/10P8ZTc

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“If I Were a Human Millipede…” gorelets.com/events/if-i-we…

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AdviceToWriters Dare to tell the smallest of stories If you want to generate large emotions.

via Twitter for Mac (retweeted on 6:58 PM, Apr 11th, 2013 via web)

poemsoncrime continues tomorrow w/ @ajabeech poemsoncrime.blogspot.com/2013/01/30-day…

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Publisher and alum @ryanmwilliams offering 50% off sale for horror fans in celebration of at glitteringthrongpress.com

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Awesome book trailer for Voices by @LCConnolly via @FantasistEnt youtube.com/watch?v=huNQNN…

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G+: 30 page sample of prompts and articles from my book to inspire writers/artists to try something on the dark..plus.google.com/10618638523940…ch

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Today’s horror poem is a sick humor one: “If I Were a Human Millipede”… fb.me/JcaFthPZ

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“Unloving Your Demon” - a paranormal romance sort of horror poem for day 10: gorelets.com/events/unlovin…

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TweetAtTheDead Ten Things You Might Not Know About the Original blogofthelivingdead.com/2010/11/ten-th…

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The link for the discounted Fridge of the Damned horror poetry magnet kit is via @RDSPress rawdogscreaming.com/books/magnets.…

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For National Poetry Writing Month only @RDSPress is offering gorelets-based horror poetry magnets at a discount for $10.

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RT @Slate Study: attackers choose victims based on the way they walk: slate.me/16QNzqM <- prompt: dramatize this scenario

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poemsoncrime Today on @Keith_Rawson_ blogs four new poems: …ucklescallusedfingertips.blogspot.com/2013/04/30-day…

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nextnature Computer Algorithms Are Already Replacing Human Journalists bit.ly/16QUIrl

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@StolesGod2005 Will be seeing on Sat. Interested in seeing the fragmentation of the Ash character; I enjoy all remakes as a genre.

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napowrimo2013 We’re asking for “unlovely” poems today over at napowrimo.net!

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RT @Gotham3 The Amazing WTF Tree. pic.twitter.com/BrHLXzHs4P <- prompt for writers: “the tree’s revenge”

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toimaginemore p o s s i b i l i t i e s

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@TheHorrorZine reviews Fear the Abyss. This book is a great Horror-Meets-Science Fiction collection: thehorrorzine.com/ReviewFolder/F…

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EvilDead Fans possessed the box office this weekend, making the #1 movie in America! bit.ly/11Q5xdP

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‘A Good Day for an Exorcism’ Kindle Art Experiment #33 posted to my flickr gallery: flic.kr/p/eact1L

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RL_Stine Here’s your nightmare for tonight: Man covers self in fish guts and is swarmed by flesh-ripping eels. youtube.com/watch?v=zlmdDZ…

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The Kickboxer’s Shuffle was my bizarro entry this morning: gorelets.com/events/the-kic… Enjoying the monthlong spree / of weird poetry.

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Liked my cult novella, Licker? Then you might want to look into the upcoming Carniepunk antho! Feat. @NicolePeeler! amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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“A healthy dose of professionally warped encouragement.” - @NoraThompson on Instigation: Prompts on the Dark Side gorelets.com/books/masticat…

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@RDSPress and friends at the twitter party is starting up..

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Comic book Comedy at its most impishly perverse and surreal — now in podcast form. Brainwarp: the Baby Eater!… fb.me/2k2bc3lSd

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When I am old and laid up in the hospital, I’m dressing this way: DOCTOR DEMONICUS by Michael Bukowski ohotmuredux.blogspot.com/2013/03/doctor…

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heidirubymiller Book signing @setonhill In Your Write Mind Conference w/@MikeArnzen @JasonJackMiller @KCeresWright & more! buff.ly/YNybLi

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