June 2013

Hey @joe_hill Our students at Seton Hill U’s “MFA in Writing Popular Fiction” just voted NOS4A2 for our required read for study next term!

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@ctstout Thanks for sharing the , Chris! Great live tweeting.

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ctstout In fiction, it is important to break the rules. The characters need to break them, and writers probably should too.

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@amergina Awesome shot from the lecture, Ann. Thank you for ‘going there’ with me.

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@HorrorNovels Thank you for spreading the word about my new tumblr site! Muchos gracias.

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@jendellazanna LOL! You transgressor…you told! ;-)

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ctstout QOTM from @MikeArnzen : “There’s more to life than death.” Esp. in horror, physical risk is often used as a shortcut. go beyond it.

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Early CONGRATS to all the new MFAs (and fellow residency/workshop survivors) this afternoon at &

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Thx for posting the shot @JustAfterSunset ! The TV interview with
@GoingLIVEfctv and @heidirubymiller & @JasonJackMiller was a blast.

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RDSPress It looks like The Fridge of the Damned live action poetry was a hit. Here’s some photos of compositions people… fb.me/Ux2lOaG3

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RDSPress The book signing at Seton Hill was EPIC! Here’s a group shot of the authors. (Much thanks to Natalie Duvall). fb.me/2bBgFYLGf

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Author line up from the SHU Booksigning… fb.me/6mYe9FN6N

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@SamekAshley @MarLavaLavaBird Thanks for coming by the book signing tonight!

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poem from display 6.29.13 #2 by Donna Munro flic.kr/p/eXQ1gA

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poem from display 6.29.13 by Cathy Oswald flic.kr/p/eXQ16s

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poem from display 6.29.13 by Charles Beuchele flic.kr/p/eXQ12y

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poem from display 6.29.13 by Donna Munro flic.kr/p/eXPZSW

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@marysangiovanni We miss you at ! All the best to you.

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@jendellazanna @JasonJackMiller PERSIST! That is numero uno! See Many Genres, One Craft: manygenres.blogspot.com

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@jendellazanna @JasonJackMiller Cool! FWIW, this “law of Arnzen” was changed (in my book, Instigation) to “Never doubt the power of clout.”

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Photoset: The “All is Violent, All is Bright” art installation (2009) by Adrian Tranquilli features 50,000… tmblr.co/ZgGSZroM93ys

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Photo: PREORDER my novel, Play Dead, in paperback.  If you get your order in on time, there’s still a chance… tmblr.co/ZgGSZroJkvxS

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Check out the 45 authors who will be signing at the SHU event on Friday at 7-10pm:… fb.me/2G4Oakwlj

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@RDSPress reports that the deadline approaches for preordering Play Dead in paperback for a chance to win the… fb.me/2MSP6DnDe

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Photo: The beautifully twisted animation above is actually composed of the still back images on a neat deck… tmblr.co/ZgGSZroHQLmO

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RDSPress Follow Michael A. Arnzen’s Playful Dead blog on Tumblr for morbid games and related macabre playfulness. fb.me/2mxhdlHbA

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arnzen Check out the 45 authors who will be signing at the SHU event on Friday at 7-10pm: inyourwritemind.setonhill.edu/events/

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@JustAfterSunset Congrats Stephanie. The cover art is phenomenal!

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Tweet_Shrieks Cover for @JustAfterSunset’s poetry collection HYSTERIA from @RDSPress. Intro by @MikeArnzen. Art by Steven Archer. pic.twitter.com/XSQjKSgQm0

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HHoustonAuthor Genres of the brain instead of the booty - Arnzen

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NathanBransford Barnes & Noble is getting out of the Nook tablet business cnet.co/14oDcdv via @CNET

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“Describe a graveyard the way a travel guide might.” - Michael Arnzen Instigation: Creative Prompts on the… tmblr.co/ZgGSZro9LMcO

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Come follow me on the brand spanking new Playful Dead tumblr blog: playfuldead.tumblr.com

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MelvinofYork The guy said “Violence is never the answer” and I said “What if the question is ‘What is never the answer?’” and he punched me in the face.

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@HotMama_yabuddy @CityLightsBooks Nice! I do agree art is the opposite of a black hole, but not the reverse. Nihilism is an aesthetic, too.

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@SaraJane524 Just great. Now the phantom bear will be riding a hell horse in my driftwood nightmares. But I love ‘em.

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@PhillyCyberGeek @THR An Encyclopedia Brown movie! Good to hear. I read those like crazy as a kid, in library readathons.

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JackKetchum Richard Matheson has died. One of the true greats. He inspired pretty much everybody in the field today-including me. bit.ly/12eDHZ0

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Sorry to hear the news about Richard Matheson’s passing. He remains legend. Thx for investigating @joe_hill @ChristophGolden @MissLiberty

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Pronasticration: creating nastiness professionally…when you get to it.

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mythicdelirium I’ve just launched the @kickstarter for the new Mythic Delirium. I hope you’ll check it out. tinyurl.com/MythicD

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The Popular Romance Project will be at this week. Here’s faculty @NicolePeeler with them last yr: popularromanceproject.org/interviews/203…

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Funky fright found on flickr. “The Driftwood Bear”: flickr.com/photos/roomwit…

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In their bulletin board @CityLightsBooks asks “The opposite of art is…” And I am stumped. But maybe the answer is “ignorance.”

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@Betts_Matt This is ingenious! Wish I could attend it. Have a great experience at Matt… see you there!

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“Son of Sam / making the cutesy, pouty face / to a vulture.” writing prompt via app. Inspiroapp.com

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RDSPress REVELATIONS OF PRESTON BLACK by @JasonJackMiller debuts at the SHU Book signing 8/28. Get a sneak peak buff.ly/14aEQPR

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Sampler from INSTIGATION: CREATIVE PROMPTS ON THE DARK SIDE (Mastication Publications, 2013) scribd.com/doc/130789529/…

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POEM: “She Feasts Naked” by Stephanie Wytovich (@JustAfterSunset) author of new @RDSPress book, Hysteria: flic.kr/p/eTuNWV

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First chance to get Play Dead in pbk this Friday 7pm at “Just a reminder that the Seton Hill book… fb.me/UGeUnRBi

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@EricVonHoffman @itrevormoore Thank you. Hilarious vid. I now sing this everytime I go anywhere near a bathroom, drug store or prison.

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robertseancasey I have developed conjunctivitis. I believe this means that my eyes swell up whenever I use a connecting adverb; however, I might be wrong.

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KillerconLV Before our traditional welcome party, we’ll be taking a trip to @eliroth’s @Goretorium! Registered yet? killercon.com/Tickets.html

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@janmoran @SpookyMrsGreen First time I’ve heard of “hypnobirthing.” Neat idea. “You are getting verry, verryy…irritable.” :-)

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Reactions to The Exorcist when it debuted 40 years ago. Amazing. youtube.com/watch?v=VsA3nx…

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Peter_Gutierrez Guys, quick question… I haven’t seen any of the World War A through World War Y movies — will I still be able to follow World War Z?

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The USPS’ new “Pontiac GTO” muscle car stamp is straight out of a . Like Christine, it rides FOREVER. twy.la/14cQ9Hg

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Led Zepyllion

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Marilyn Scansion

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Operation Rhyme Crime.

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I Scream at the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter ice cream : huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/21/fre…

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DaveVescio I bet the Robert De Niro of Taxi Driver would shoot the Robert De Niro of Little Fockers.

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A gush to @sergeantfuzz You deserve an award for the mixing on the Poltergeist “Box” album… man this is good. Les’ bass is perfectly set!

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Reminder: Pre-order the paperback of my novel Play Dead and you could win this amazing sculpture-bound edition: gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…

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Gizmodo So here’s the Batman theme song sung by actual bats gizmo.do/bL1QwTr

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RDSPress Here’s the obituary for Stephen Wilson. He made a huge contribution to the speculative poetry scene and was a… fb.me/2cSKaRRq6

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Enjoyed this parody of the commercial industry by @JesseRosten “Fotoshop by Adobé” : jesserosten.com/2012/fotoshop-…

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I just measured it. A whole ‘sleeve’ of Ritz crackers matches the length of a forearm. Yes — proof! Ritz crackers are people!

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Gigantic Worlds science flash fiction anthology by Gigantic Books kck.st/13OAOy0 via @kickstarter

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LoriPerkinsRAB Call for stories for Samhain’s Gothic horror anthology, RT pls, samhainpublishing.com/2013/06/a-samh…

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I think Jere Burns (“Kirk” — Wynn Duffy from @JustifiedFX & ) would be uncanny if cast as Steve Jobs. imdb.com/name/nm0122716/

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FJBergmann How to discourage anyone else from using your wi-fi: name it “virus uploader.”

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Birthday shout out to my old friend Barb Hendee — kudos Barb on this milestone. Everyone else read this woman… fb.me/2T7SmYUsn

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RT @nextnature We are already Cyborgs bit.ly/19649JQ Great line: “We must get over our ‘skin bags bias…we transcend membranes.’”

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DufresneLATimes Wow, GQ story on toll playing Tony took on Ganfolfini. Tremendous read gq.com/entertainment/…

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A math moment for you and your processor to enjoy. “Large numbers written out”: stanford.edu/~nitsche/cgi-b…

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Just fixed ‘The Nest’ () twitter archive on my website. eg.: all my tweeted horror poems since ’09: gorelets.com/nest/favorites

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Another prod of the fork on behalf of my e-book, Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side amazon.com/gp/product/B00… Reviews appreciated!

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AlphaWorkshop H.P. Lovecraft’s eldritch advice to aspiring writers: brainpickings.org/index.php/2013… via @brainpicker on @brainpickings

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Perhaps this is a cleverly disturbing and dangerous way for a parent to wash their kid’s mouth out with soap? inspiringschool.blogspot.com/2011/06/color-…

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Just spotted that the Zizek commentary on Children of Men is also on YouTube. youtube.com/watch?v=pbgrwN…

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Watched Children of Men again last night. Found the DVD has a Zizek commentary bonus! Also must try the new game like the film:

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exlibrislarsen FEAR THE ABYSS now 99¢! @timwaggoner @JackKetchum @MikeArnzen @JeynRoberts @LCConnolly @PMPressBooks amazon.com/Fear-the-Abyss…

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(A personal favorite)

“High on Death”: he hurries to the rooftop / and huffs the fumes / curdling darkly / from the dirty smokestack / of the crematorium

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POEM: “He Spurts Wetly” by Amanda D. (@missamanda) flic.kr/p/ePAYct

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Wild poem @missamanda — I’ll be sharing tonite on flickr, unless you say otherwise!

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“Sick Heart” posted to my gallery: flic.kr/p/ePykm4 (Thanks to @KL_Grady for the “model”).

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PublishersWkly What Is the Business of Literature? - Richard Nash pwne.ws/XgNZrA

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RDSPress I just watched the Dog Star Books episode of GoingLIVE on FCTV with Heidi Ruby Miller, Matt Betts, and K. Ceres… fb.me/1bwRMDNsp

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FictionVale Guest Post: Scott A. Johnson - Respect the Genres wp.me/p3hKBj-5p @HorrorScott

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Goregami: How to make body parts out of papercraft from @Lizstins @wired: wired.com/design/2013/06…

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RDSPress RDSP’s @DHarlanWilson is the Author Guest of Honor this year at Seton Hill’s June writing workshop buff.ly/11e5AAD

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@pixiehulagirl Flaming hot pink! Totally. Thanks for sharing the original link. I will use this info…somehow!

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MAllanScott Gillian Anderson, ‘The Fall’ And The Rise Of Subversive Genre Fare - Huffington Post is.gd/QF0Akp

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@pixiehulagirl I think that only works with Burnt Umber in the 64 pack.

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Rain Day Reaper flic.kr/p/eNr6iB — I’m reading Edward Gorey on this rainy afternoon.

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@wired My new collection, The Gorelets Omnibus. You guys reviewed an early incarnation when it was a PDA experiment. rawdogscreaming.com/books/the-gore…

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@NicoleCushing Fame has an aura. You’ve got it.

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Just saw this year’s Stoker Award results. Some interesting choices. Congrats to all the winners. horror.org/blog/?p=4232

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prompt: “A freshly broken bone leads to an unexpected pleasure.” Visit masticationpublications.com for others.

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HorrorNovels PLAY DEAD Returns in Paperback — Preorder to Win a Rare Book!gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…H

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Gander at the sculpted edition of my novel, Play Dead, atop the stack — preorder the paperback and you can win one! gorelets.com/books/

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Gotham3 Let’s be proud of the fact that all the winners of the past Miss Universe Pageants have been only from Earth.

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@ChrisWardWriter I heard there’s a surprise after the credit roll. I stupidly left theater beforehand…all the more reason to get the vid!

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@StefanLivesey @davidbainaa @Ondine_Immortal You’re right. The gore is not the issue; the trauma to the kids’ sense of genre history is.

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Evil Dead (2013) dvd/blu just went live on amazon for preorder: amazon.com/gp/product/B00… One of the good remakes in genre, imo.

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POEM: “Vampire Lotion Machine” by @MikeArnzen flic.kr/p/eKk5NQ on The Fridge of the Damned magnets.

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prompt: “Antagonize the Anti-christ.” More prompts for sicko writers: gorelets.com/books/masticat…

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@SolitarySpiral @OfficialSabbath Love the fuzzy 70s feel of “Damaged Soul”! “Dear Father” made me darkly chuckle. “Loner” is current fave.

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@OGoingback Halloween in June! Re: Trick or Treat — Is that the one with the soundtrack by Fastway? Or the more recent anthology film?

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“This will be your first horror film.” French teacher shows SAW to 11 yr olds in class. m.thelocal.fr/20130611/frenc… [Via @Ondine_Immortal ]

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Another look at the Play Dead special edition - back cover: flickr.com/photos/gorelet… Do… fb.me/2QEEpErcX

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@SolitarySpiral Thx! The special edition of Play Dead is totally Evil Dead. Here’s the back — I see a sinister face! pic.twitter.com/AtFp2SYIIk

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Preorder Play Dead in paperback and you just might win this amazing, collectible, and scary sculpture-bound edition: rawdogscreaming.com/books/play-dea…

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@SolitarySpiral @OfficialSabbath The sudden appearance of an upside-down arrow inside a cloud in iTunes is ominous & sinister! Downloading!

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@TheWallBreakers The QWERTY Keyboard Sofa from ZO-Loft ow.ly/lTYQ4 <- How to write in bed.:-) This thing is awesome.

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RDSPress Pre-order the paperback ed. of PLAY DEAD by @MikeArnzen to enter a raffle for the sold-out Grim Grimmoire limited. buff.ly/10LxjIC

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bizarroguy Initial drawings by me, animation, color, and patterns by Jennifer Barnes, audio by Michael A. Arnzen: youtu.be/eWiavMEpO1Q

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JoyceCarolOates Twitter means you never have to say, I’m sorry, I have no source for anything as there is no room for footnotes.

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eScottNicholson Somewhere, sometime, one of the duplicates of Philip K. Dick is rolling over in his grave.

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Live_for_Films The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug gets a poster bit.ly/18kGtRt

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POEM: “Two Blind Eyes” — a striking image by Stephanie Wytovich (@JustAfterSunset) flic.kr/p/eHad4N

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POEM: “Bring Two Parts” - recipe for terror by Chris Stout (@ctstout) flic.kr/p/eH3XYX

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@ctstout @RDSPress @bizarroguy @JustAfterSunset I love that you basically used hellfire as a housewarming, Chris! I’ll post it to the group.

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RDSPress Our reading at Kafe Kerouac, 8/3 in features @JasonJackMiller @bizarroguy @MikeArnzen & a Whiskey Tasting: buff.ly/18QRAkC

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@severedpress Cool cover. Looks promising!

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KillerconLV John Skipp’s amazing workshop “Choreography of Violence” will be offered at this year’s KillerCon! Sign up now! killercon.com/Schedule_Event…

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@DavidBooker25 Thanks and glad you got a kick out of the “Holy Water Squirt Gun” poem. One of my faves, too. gorelets.com/events/rethink…

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Horror is the “you’re not so smart as you thought you were, are you?” genre. nonhorrorreadersurvey.wordpress.com/2010/12/21/win…

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I met a pair of conjoined twins once. It was uncanny…only ONE of them was from Siam.

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@MartyBooms I compared specs on the back, as if it mattered. Ended up getting a generic JVC model! Unendorsed gave them more cred to me.

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Name something people put plugs into. Survey says: familyfeudinfo.com/question.php?i…

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LaughingSquid Glass Wine Decanters Shaped Like Veins, Hearts, & Branches squid.us/1beAARV

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Went headphone shopping. The market is glutted with celeb brands that make no sense. I want endorsements from Marlee Matlin or Lou Ferrigno.

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Bone Whispers: A Collection of Short Fiction fb.me/249YvWeMR

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@PMPressBooks releases Bone Whispers: A Collection of Fiction by @timwaggoner (incl. intro by me, who loved it): amazon.com/gp/product/061…

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Check out all the weird, original fun people have with Fridge of the Damned horror poetry magnets: flickr.com/photos/gorelet… Buy from @RDSPress

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PalimpsestPress Radical book stacking: en.rocketnews24.com/2013/06/03/the…

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@MadeleineSwann “My endorsement of Creative Prompts on the Dark Side pic.twitter.com/qmqX6qSxo7 <— The ideal book review!

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There are 365 sick story starters, 151 dark memoir prompts, lots of novel nudges and many articles in amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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DiaboliqueMag Diabolique announces Podcast Network, Original Short Story Content - diaboliquemagazine.com/diabolique-ann… pic.twitter.com/tKLb8WQgXb

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Don’t miss your chance to win a rare “Necronomicon”-styled, sculpture-bound copy of my horror novel Play Dead here: rawdogscreaming.com/books/play-dea…

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@tjcrowley Black Hole Sun, won’t you come….

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ActClassy Hey Pittsburgh readers: We’re hosting a funny, improvised PowerPoint Karaoke competition on Sat at 10pm. More & tix: arcadecomedytheater.com/event/electric…

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@medialunaband @TjCart777 LOL. Play is too strong a word for what I do to a guitar. BTW You guys might like this con: rockandshock.com

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This Marshall Stack would ROCK with our Fridge of the Damned magnets fb.me/2d5m4Pfnt

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RDSPress Excited about offering free writing workshops @ThurberHouse 8/3. Presenters include @KCeresWright @MikeArnzen @DHarlanWilson @bizarroguy

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Great call for academic papers: The Pedagogy of Horror. call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/node/51814

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Join the gathering of the Raw Dog Screaming Press @RDSPress community in Aug. I’ll be there. fb.me/29VHLAmrV

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Black Stars Flee the Dawn flic.kr/p/eCLQvv

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SchwartzWriter Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer: ow.ly/lF3Go

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Slate Crucial life-saving advice of the day: slate.me/19F3ixi

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@BNBuzz @NicolePeeler @paulgoatallen Loved reading this article on Nicole’s bawdy/foodie metaphors. It ranch dressinged my salad.

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You can get more details and read an excerpt from PLAY DEAD here: gorelets.com/books/play-dea… You’ll… fb.me/JxyxqnOu

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ChuckWendig Publishers, please offer e-books if I buy a physical copy. You will sell more books, not fewer. If you don’t do it, Amazon will.

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a prompt from on the kindle amzn.com/k/CGCXpB2bRdi_… Describe a graveyard the way a travel guide might.

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G+: Ellis Nadler’s artistic process for creating his own cool tarot cards. plus.google.com/10618638523940…

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RDSPress Each pre-order the paperback edition of PLAY DEAD by @MikeArnzen enters you into a raffle for the sold-out limited. buff.ly/10LxjIC

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G+: Win a rare copy of my noir supernatural novel, Play Dead, by preordering the new paperback edition! plus.google.com/10618638523940…

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PREORDER Play Dead in pbk from @RDSPress & you’re entered to win a rare Grimoire edition! Raw Dog Screaming Press… fb.me/33PXKBRLm

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tanyatwombly @MikeArnzen Hellbound

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70sologist Rear Exit

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Torn Spurtin’

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Smeared Window

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