August 2013

JustAfterSunset Madness doesn’t even begin to describe what will happen here.… @bizarroguy @MikeArnzen

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@Pulpcurry Nowadays all those future dates (1984, 2001, etc.) have already happened and we’re hyperconscious of the now. We’re post-scifi!

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CarrionScreamin Last day of campaign, please give a hand in last minute push!… @dreamindemon @stevencmiller @MikeArnzen

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@eScottNicholson Damn. Sorry to hear it was so, well, dumb! I was hoping for the best. Will skip or wait till vid.

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@RDSPress book readings & signings: Next up 4 me: Lunatic Asylum. Then @KillerconLV Then ‘Passport to the Fringe’!

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@tanyatwombly Raising a mug of ‘magical garden’ tea to that!

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Pronouncing “Genre.”… (I laugh at youtube comments… a genre all their own).

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Drive-ins will vanish if they don’t go digital by Dec 31. RT and help via @Honda

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prompt: Write in the POV of the hatted character in this image from @VintageWTF: Trio

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Don’t sharpen the knife. Sharpen the stone until you have two.

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@JustinRoby :-) That King Diamond is of course irreplaceable!

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Photo: King Diamond from the “Creepy” Playing Card Deck - Kickstarter by Johnny Whaam

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brainpicker SUCH an important meditation: Michael Lewis on commercial success vs creative integrity

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@JustAfterSunset @bizarroguy I hereby throw down a Stanley Kubrick challenge for the Lunatic Asylum reading on 9.14…

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(A personal favorite)

the dreadful tang / of patent leather and sawdust — / more horrifying, more cold, / this new coffin, / than one housing the dead

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Kindle Photo Experiment #38 : The Serpent Bearer

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Thanks for posting this from the Matheson reading, +Kristina Elyse Butke

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Death in Classical Music:…

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arnzen 2013 Movies You’re Not Looking Forward To Yet, But Should Be via @cinemablend <- ‘You’re Next’ is out this week.

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I’m reading at the Lunatic Asylum on 9.14 with Raw Dog Screaming Press (@RDSPress) poets +Stephanie Wytovich…

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Photo: The Queens from Postumo: The Deck of the Dead by @oabnormal Artist Obsidian Abnormal describes the…

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GdL16 Don’t forget to check out the newest, H.P. Lovecraft-themed episode of @6ftplus:…

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JustAfterSunset September 14. 2:00 p.m. Join me in the madhouse.… @bizarroguy @MikeArnzen

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HwoodTheater Horror Fan Flea Market next Saturday (8/24) at the Hollywood. Free admission & parking. Followed by screenings…

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The Unexpected Agony of Recording Your Own Audiobook - Katie Hafner - The Atlantic…

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@DHarlanWilson @AntiOedipusP My alternate universe accounts are all of them, esp @MikeArnzen and @MikeArnzen but not @MikeArnzen

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LiisaLadouceur High fives to @JovankaVuckovic and the team unveiling the H.P. Lovecraft bronze statue in Providence tonight!…

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@DarkHousePress Congrats - sounds promising.

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Writers_Artists Killing the Top 10 Sacred Cows of Publishing: MYTH #1 - there is only one right way to publish

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Liz_Hand Soon we will achieve literary singularity: everyone on Earth will have written a book. No doubt Amazon will then pay each of us to read them

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Any fan would love today’s freezer friday art:… Dare: Make a matching poem with Fridge of the Damned magnets?

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Photo: The current Humble Origin Bundle offers several dark/horror PC games in the EA franchise cheap,…

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@LeeAllenHoward Congrats on the new novel — which promises to be one of the most disturbing entries in the “dark bizarro” subgenre!

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Photo: johndarnielle: as this is not tagged spoiler alert I will now never finish this game

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GoodbyeBullet Dangerous Minds | ‘The Las Vegas Tapes’: Remarkable footage of Sin City from 1976

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CONGRATS to the 2013 Elgin Award winners for best speculative poetry chapbook. ‘twas an honor to be nom nom nommed.

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@laurenscharhag Ah yes. “The Pedagogy of Pain.” We have such knowledge to show you.

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quirkbooks What happens when you mash together our new doodle book and Lovecraft? This.

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NuevoLeonRec Test pressing for CALLA’s 10 year Anniversary of Televise @aurelio_valle @waynebmagruder @MOOCNYC @cmzane @ARRCO

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“Fantastic Empires” is the theme for ICFA-35 in Orlando, FL 3/19-23, 2014:

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barrywood WIN a FREE, signed Limited Edition of DOCTOR SLEEP by STEPHEN KING: Please RT.

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Do you know the polar coordinates of R’lyeh?

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@StrangeKidsClub @GdL16 Awesome to hear that the monster cereals are coming back. I prefer the ‘retro’ packaging a LOT. @GeneralMills

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Richard Matheson, Elmore Leonard… We are losing an amazing generation of popular fiction authors. Put them on your shelves in memoriam.

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10 Fictional Languages that Can Be Learnt (including ‘Aklo’ — Lovecraft-speak):…

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PhippsNews Amazing! Night of the Living Dead’s George A. Romero and Russ Streiner just dropped in to see @RomeroatPhipps!

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MilesKington Thought for the week: Whoever named the swimming style as the butterfly stroke had probably never seen a butterfly trying to swim.

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Photoset: devilduck: Monster playing cards. I love the poses with world landmarks.

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agiantrobot “These Are the Most Exquisitely Weird Spiders You Will Ever See”

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POEM: “everything always broken” a bold black-and-white piece by author @tanyatwombly

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Photo: Hand-drawn payoff matrix for the game of chicken, found in a student post in an online class, “Is…

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3 Reasons Is the Only Site That Gets Listicles Right… via @browbeat

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“Dares. Literary challenges…a starting pistol aimed at your head”: Instigation: Creative Prompts by Michael Arnzen…

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@bizarroguy @MadeleineSwann @JustAfterSunset You raise a good question. Is TWIX plural for TWIX?

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a blur of warning — playing with new color mess-with app (by maker of the marvelous glitch app )

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JeremyCShipp Cthul-Aid…

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@dexterjeff Would you consider Seton Hill U near Pittsburgh? DM contact info or you can contact me at arnzen [at]

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See a LOT of tweets today but according to my research only 3800 or so are telling the truth! Proof:

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“It Takes More than a Major”: AACU study finds liberal arts learning is essential to innovative workers of future:…

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AnneSowards Congrats to Caitlin R. Kiernan @auntbeast and all the other finalists for the World Fantasy Awards

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HorrorWorks @Greathorrorcamp Sorry about delay, but the new LA horror site, Horror Works, is now live, featuring GHC coverage:…

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recordstoreday 35 Music Experiences You&#39;ll Never Have Again…

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RDSPress The video of Michael Arnzen reading at Kafe Kerouac is up! It includes the now-infamous poem “Onward Christian…

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POEM: “hallucinatory machine monkey” by Celia Coulter

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TV show idea: Crowley Jr: Psychic Detective.

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@amy_grech @snowkitten @thinkgeek I like the customer photos of that one… hilarious!

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fomcontest Your mid-month reminder: @chizinepub’s “HORRRRRIBLE SALE OF HORRRROR” (40% off select titles) on until end of Aug.:

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@snowkitten @amy_grech @thinkgeek Resistance is futile! Especially if you buy the Star*Trek pizza slicer!

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@Betts_Matt @JustAfterSunset @MorgantownPoets @RDSPress @bizarroguy @Tweet_Shrieks Was it the literary equivalent of a voodoo doll pinning?

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@medialunaband @JustAfterSunset @bizarroguy Awesome! It will be good to see you at the madhouse!

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_MikeLane @MikeArnzen Ssshhhh…Shorty just found the rats in his cot…again! Haha, I love this.

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TIME Halloween in August is here to stay | (via @TIMEBusiness)

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@snowkitten @amy_grech That was amazing. I esp. like the hanging pouch of caffienated blood. I could use that.…

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Waves hello at @SquirrelPicnic You’re doing some really cool things. Like the chet’ds in this pic.

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@_MikeLane That is some high praise about Play Dead, Mike! Hope you find it stands up to the re-read! Enjoy.

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@RDSPress captured my sick poetry reading at DogCon2 on video.

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I’ll be reading at a haunted lunatic asylum in WV next month (9.14) with @JustAfterSunset and @bizarroguy :…

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@RDSPress @JustAfterSunset Have a blast with @Tweet_Shrieks and @MorgantownPoets … sorry can’t be there. Rock the mic.

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@douglasgwilym Gracias for the very cool comment on . Icky - good - heart — three great words that taste great together.

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RDSPress Michael Arnzen is a guest at FictionVale with a blog about writing flash fiction.

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@kasthomas That is very good advice. Readers have to have interpretive space — room to speculate and puzzle meanings out.

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@1Monstermatt So long as it’s filled with machetes, yes.

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@Tomm_Dogg @mSoniaCharming Search the cieling for rocket teeth shards.

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Arnzen upcoming events page updated. The lunatic is on the grass:…

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They’re deveined, deshelled and decapitated before they’re boiled, but don’t be fooled: there are two-headed shrimp in the gumbo.

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prompt: Recycle coffin wood.

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KCeresWright Guest Post - Making More Out of Less: Strategies for Writing Flash Fiction by Michael Arnzen…

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Cat_ONine Genre mixing- hilarious

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@Kenyawright77 Thanks for spreading the word, Kenya!

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Dark_Regions_Pr Holes for Faces by Ramsey Campbell is now avail on, and Amazon Kindle. Spread the word & RT!

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@DianeTurnshek Thanks Diane! So glad you liked the flash essay.

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FictionVale New Guest Post! Making More Out of Less: Strategies for Writing Flash Fiction by @MikeArnzen

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@heidirubymiller @JasonJackMiller More info on Becherel, France, the city of books:…

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theme in heavy metal tributes:…

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troilee ooOOoo! @FictionVale is going to have a guest post by @MikeArnzen tomorrow! I am loading it now!

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@jendellazanna Clearly a genius, raised by a genius. Kudos, Jen DZ.

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AManCalledDada @RDSPress @JustAfterSunset @dlepsch @MikeArnzen @bizarroguy Haiku to hit Mars/the silence is deafening/probes unresponsive.

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My favorite Dexter remakes and riffs….

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RDSPress PLAY DEAD by @MikeArnzen is out for the first time in for the “…abundantly fun, gross, entertaining…”

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Photo: Joker from the upcoming “Calaveras” deck inspired by Day of the Dead.  This playing card deck and…

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Awesome sneak from @MADmagazine at @DreadCentral — especially liked the Shakespeare and sonogram jokes. :-)

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I had a strong feeling you were experienced in the ghostly lunacy of Weton @medialunaband!

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Photo: from skyrimconfessions: “I can never bring myself to complete Namira’s Daedric Quest “The Taste of…

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(A personal favorite)

@bizarroguy @RDSPress @JustAfterSunset @dlepsch
in : the meter changes / when counting the syllables / with martian fingers

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Beautiful Day by @donhertzfeldt is available online on demand just $2. Get a whole life journey for only two bucks!…

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@PhilKomarny @Historiator :-) BTW: I’m in talks with some folks about a possible poetry reading at that asylum… tba!

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POEM: “zombie me” by Stephanie Wytovich (@JustAfterSunset)

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@RDSPress @JustAfterSunset Wow — that’s a good one, Wyto! I’ll post to the album in a few…

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@shanedkeene Sad but true. This is why we need fiction! ;-)

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prompt : Write about a hypocritical monster.

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@PhilKomarny @Historiator I’m guilty of “novel reading” — time to tie my arms behind my back.

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r0tten_g0ddeSS Reasons for admission into the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum 1864-1889.All of Twitter would have been there.

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@lairdbarron will be editing The Year’s Best Weird Fiction — given your support via indiegogo:…

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@DarkProjections Totally — @BerberianSound Studio is a good brain boiler. Absorbing after-midnight kind of film — we need Blu Ray in USA.

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Thank you, Amazon, for enabling me/us to stream the weird Brit film Berberian Sound Studio before it’s available…

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@jendellazanna Excellent! Your kids sound quite savvy. Musicians? ;-)

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Richochet uploaded to my flickr gallery

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(A personal favorite)

“snare”: only other killers recognize / the peculiar resonance / that drumsticks of bone make / when beating against / their owner’s skins

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Photo: I like the Vortex Shark! Neat creature in the menagerie available in the free Dark Summoner monster…

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“Imagine if Cronenberg had written and directed The Exorcist…”…

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Nice list of unconventional zombie fiction Greg! @UndeadRat @riffle

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@mo_ali Neat! “Wonderbook” sounds fun…

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DailyDeadNews Contest: Win H.P. Lovecraft Shirts from T-Shirt Bordello @Tshirtbordello

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BrianKeene Satanic Summer: Horror Fiction for Hot Days | LitReactor… via @LitReactor

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Help me toast Raw Dog Screaming Press on ten years of indie publishing done right; leave ‘em a note….

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The Goreletter is my free, Bram Stoker Award-winning newsletter, and it wants to jolt you intermittently. Sub:

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A toast to YOU @RDSPress Kudos on a decade in publishing… and daring to print my foul matter just as long.

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@RDSPress Nice feature on @CVHunt — I enjoyed meeting her at as well!

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Made some site improvements to my webpage at gorelets this eve - Browse on by at :

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@MarLavaLavaBird What was that? Oh yes. Amnesia!

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Amazing production of Rush’s/@TheKJA’s Clockwork Angels — audiobook read by Neal Peart, housed in working clock!…

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pwlitmagster Startup: @3ElementsReview based on a writing prompt, open to by 10/10.

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FeralAudio From Shea Magazine, 11 things you didn’t know about @FeralAudio’s own BRAINWARP: The Baby Eater Podcast!…

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auteurial Interactive Shaun of the Dead screenplay & featurettes - via @nofilmschool -

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@JustAfterSunset @JasonJackMiller Anyway you pun it, that’s the way you need it…

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My novel, Play Dead, is available on the amazon kindle:…

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RT @JodiL33 Writersphere - Prompt - 8-8-13: @MikeArnzen’s has inspired me… Thanx Jodi Lee!

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For those about to crock: we prosciutto.

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Video: Great choices for the top Five Amazing Horror Game Trailers from @BDisgusting []

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RDSPress I’ve updated the website with oodles of photos from DogCon 2. There are many on the site that I haven’t posted here.

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Instead of writing in a genre, should you write toward a dominant emotion? Sony seems to think you are:…

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Please share your feedback on : Creative Prompts on the Dark Side in a review on amazon or elsewhere:…

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Say hello to me at KillerCon in Vegas next month. @KillerconLV Program is live here:…

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Via +RJ Cavender. Love this.

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Slate Criterion has come out with a Blu-Ray edition of Seconds loaded with extras. Go watch this movie. Today:

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@Horror_Nerd @mrszoomby Cool trailer for American Horror Story: Coven. The touch of the cat (familiar) makes it perfect! @AHSFX @AHStory

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heidirubymiller @matthewddowling & I interview authors like @LucyASnyder & @MikeArnzen from @setonhill for @GoingLIVEfctv…

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@MikeBrendan Heh-heh. Yes. It assumes 10 words per tweet on avg, I reckon.

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@MikeArnzen Reminder of my shame formula for writers: [# of tweets x 140] / 14 = the approx word count on sth else you could’ve written).

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Cool to discover that @foldingtext has an online edition in — quick and easy way to outline some thoughts on web.

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KillerconLV @MikeArnzen Very much looking forward to seeing you again, Mr. Arnzen.

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@KillerconLV Great programming schedge! Thx for putting me on so many cool things, folks. It will be murderously fun!…

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@RDSPress @JustAfterSunset loved it. wait…we were a literary circus at Kafe Keroac, too!

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Sampler from INSTIGATION: CREATIVE PROMPTS ON THE DARK SIDE (Mastication Publications, 2013)…

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Photo: Chris Stout perceives my doom in the Deviant Moon Tarot deck at . Photo by Heidi Ruby Miller.

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@ctstout Which tarot deck were you using at ?

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RDSPress Here’s the text from a Scanners inspired poem Michael Arnzen read at DogCon 2 titled “Onward Christian Scanners.”…

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@MikeMehalek Uncanny find, Mike! “Obictionary” with cats.… Props — more fun than mine:…

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@RDSPress @bizarroguy @ctstout @JustAfterSunset LOL. Yet it was one of the best ever.

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Cool concept: “Imagination Gets the Best of Me” - a new photo series by Brian Kaldorf via @kickstarter

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@Betts_Matt Re-examining this photo. Sometimes, there’s a cruel irony to Braille signage.

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@Marie_ofRomania @The_HappyMedium Sorry I missed out on a reading, but no matter - I’m always doomed. :-) Good to meet you at !

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Here’s the text for “Onward Christian Scanners” : poem read at with

via Facebook

Great review of Play Dead from Lee Allen Howard, author

via Facebook

LeeAllenHoward My review of @MikeArnzen’s PLAY DEAD made the Reviewer’s Choice column at Midwest Book Review. Search for…

via Facebook (retweeted on 9:07 AM, Aug 5th, 2013 via web)

@andersenprunty — thank you for the libation and good convo at this weekend. Enjoyed catching up. All the best w/your books.

via web

I’ve added @davidbainaa to the list of authors on the Instigation Showcase! Look for his tale in the upcoming antho, Piercing the Darkness

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davidbainaa @MikeArnzen I think it’s okay to reveal the antho’ll be called PIERCING THE DARKNESS from Necro Publications, to benefit children’s literacy

via TweetDeck (retweeted on 8:06 AM, Aug 5th, 2013 via web)

has come to close. An “indie” con… a floating party…a guerrilla literary attack on an unexpecting…

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@JasonJackMiller thank you jason! enjoyed the workshop. umber whunnnn fffffaghn.

via Twitter for iPhone in reply to JasonJackMiller

JustAfterSunset What’s the deal with Hot Topic? It’s neither hot nor topical.-@MikeArnzen @bizarroguy @RDSPress @egolikeness

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continues. I lead workshop on ‘narrative collapse’ @ThurberHouse at 1p and read at @BexleyLibrary at 4p.…

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ctstout poetry board at

via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 8:39 AM, Aug 3rd, 2013 via Twitter for iPhone)

@CrickChris congrats on your succeses in microhorror

via Twitter for iPhone in reply to CrickChris

@JustAfterSunset our scanners-inspired poetry slam at was hilarious fun. tx for this photo.

via Twitter for iPhone in reply to JustAfterSunset

last nite’s ‘literary circus’ at was phenom. here @DHarlanWilson regales about and

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