January 2014

i carried my new book around the starbucks like some homeless prophet today @ANTIBOOKCLUB pic.twitter.com/mBSSeygukw

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Last chance to get 1/3 off Stoker-winner Proverbs for Monsters or other Dark Regions Press titles! fb.me/2YHx98iyJ

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Feeling ironic, I just bought: @ANTIBOOKCLUB ‘s ‘Bibliodeath’ by @andrei_codrescu in ebook format via @AmazonKindle amazon.com/dp/B00BRZZNV8/…

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Beautiful book cover for The Monsters Wife! @crimeculture @jaymaster @BarbicanPress1

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I invite all friends and followers to subscribe to The Goreletter: eepurl.com/IY4o9

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PoemsOnCrime Also seeking new poems for April, Nat’l Poetry Month, when the world will be watching: poemsoncrime.blogspot.com/p/guidelines.h…

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Join the @LibraryThing’s new Reading Club Discussion of Wilde’s Portrait of Dorian Gray on Feb 10th: librarything.com/groups/onelibr…

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Call for Papers / Submissions: DISSECTIONS: The Journal of Contemporary Horror simegen.com/writers/dissec…

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RDSPress RDSP’s newsletter for January is now out and packed with news. If you’re not already signed up consider joining…. fb.me/2tWXRaqyR

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Horror fans should follow the (new) shocklines_auctions profile on @eBay: r.ebay.com/Skez7u Currently auctioning a rare Freakcidents!

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Mediabistro The DNA of a Successful Book: INFOGRAPHIC mbist.ro/1fihwYi (via @GalleyCat)

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PhilKomarny .@The_FJP @chrisfleck @TheAtlantic Simple! — Because @MikeArnzen teaches Writing Popular Fiction here at @setonhill setonhill.edu/faculty/11

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JessicaCameron_ I was one of the judges for the costume contest at @immersedinink tattoo and horror con, this gal won! Love it! Xoj pic.twitter.com/0XHxqtJXg6

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TIME Why taking your kid to a tattoo parlor may not be a bad idea ti.me/zp183x

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@crimsonhouseboo I hate it when that happens. To me it sounds like a robot kittie. Beep, bop, boop, meow-meow.

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(A personal favorite)

“e-TBR”: unread, archived, / these ancient ebook titles / are but frosty tank labels / in a cryogenic stasis chamber / for dead thoughts

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@Dave_Bullis @jayewells That’s pretty hilarious, Dave!

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@nehabawa Hi Neha! We’re all snowbound here but the oven of the semester has been switched on. Busy! Hope all’s well.

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jeffstanger Reasons and Methods of Killing Characters—And One Reason Not Toow.ly/sPoplr

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Hey @jayewells — your “No Humility” booster pack for Cards Against Humanity is hilariously twisted. Right on. Good to see you at SHU!

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donhertzfeldt alert: if you couldn’t get a copy last month, THE END OF THE WORLD is now officially back in stock & shipping at antibookclub.com

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MADmagazine MAD Improves Celebrity Tattoos | Mad Magazine madmagazine.com/blog/2014/01/2…

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“At Vice, I Try” is an anagram for Creativity.

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Thanks for sharing this TV interview from last summer! The secret behind ‘gorelets’ is revealed! @bizarroguy @YouTube @matthewddowling

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Limeacine Casserole for dinner. @wdprescott

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Some people tweet what they eat. I tweet that I just discovered that the adjective “limacine” means “pertaining to slugs.”

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I hope everyone knows that “meme” rhymes with “scheme” and is not pronounced “me - me”. techcrunch.com/2014/01/08/fac…

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Hugo_Matz Artist Physically Stitches Portraits Of Loved Ones Into The Palm Of His Hand dlvr.it/4mGKjt

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theaterofscifi 10 Incredible Real-Life Mad Scientists bestcollegereviews.org/10-incredible-…

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If you’re planning to attend World Horror Con 14 in Portland @worldhorror register before month’s end for a discount. worldhorror2014.org

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Say this one three times fast: “The bird murderer murders birds on the third girder.”

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kwtaylorwriter Part of why I love being a student at is the campus buildings and the random bits of..instagram.com/p/jO8ZQNIQtg/5R

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So cool to see Hysteria on the prelim Stoker Ballot, Wyto! Well-earned and best of luck. @JustAfterSunset

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ememess VERY cool idea from @BookshopSC pic.twitter.com/2POcsHKHfQ

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I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a Forever stamp with the infinity symbol on it. @isopodshuffle

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JonathanMaberry The 2013 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballots Announced

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is pleased to… fb.me/23JSqXxxX

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Preorder this superhero poetry antho for free shipping. I’ve got a few in it, including “Sister Superman.” fb.me/1ajL3bdpj

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PoemsOnCrime Join @BOLOBooks @bcmystery @deblacy @sesgaia @thomaspluck @macavityabc @MikeArnzen on our April 2014 blog tour: poemsoncrime.blogspot.com/2013/12/30-day…

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Robt. Williams: “Skulldy Dumpty” robtwilliamsstudio.com/Gallery-Robert…

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The Worst Poetry in the Universe: youtu.be/mrIrcV9Bgmc

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Video: Video trailer for the Lovecraftian storytelling card game, Tremulus, from Reality Blurs. tmblr.co/ZgGSZr14aLfUk

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HuffPostTV Here’s what we’re guessing (and hoping!) is in store for Season 4 huff.to/1dyvk0i

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@g_so Happy to participate again — thx for the invite! Put me down for 4.18.14.

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StrugglingW QOTD: “Wordplay hides a key to reality that the dictionary tries in vain to lock inside every free word.”―Julio Cortázar

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A potato that’s a cartoon that’s a human head that eats donuts @Gizmodo pic.twitter.com/bIYNO4V2Rl

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JustAfterSunset The RDSP crew at graduation. ..instagram.com/p/jQMVAQN45W/M3

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Thanks for sharing the article on “The Uncanny Impulse to Collect” @LucBoruta gorelets.com/uncanny/theory…

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RSBrzoska Whatever gets the juices flowing. Death anxiety increases if you can leave a legacy disq.us/8gxgdg

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There would be no thing without him. Happy birthday to John Carpenter fb.me/1a6sx9WZw

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GhouliaChilds DRACULA Crêpe pic.twitter.com/HlbXMc9Hts

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CreativeReview New ed. of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis has a clever typographic cover from @MrKeenan. Here’s how he made it crmag.co.uk/1d9OAMT

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(A personal favorite)

He covered himself at the nude beach, trying to understand why everyone else was dressed, till he got it: there was no sand underfoot.

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albertwendland Hope you had a wonderful Residency, folks. Happy writing and I’ll see you all in June. May the force of great words be with you!

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Your reading of Candle in the Wind was unforgettable @Phil2Palmer Thanks again for coming from the UK to guest teach in Westeros!

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RDSPress Huge congrats to RDSP author and poetry editor Stephanie Wytovich on receiving her M.F.A. from Seton Hill… fb.me/2qZAHASSQ

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Fans of Grave Markings — check out the “Immersed in Ink” Tattoo Arts & Horror Festival: immersedinink.com/home.html

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CLIVE BARKER: IMAGINER Deluxe Hardcover Art Book. by Thomas Negovan kck.st/1a5SE0K via @kickstarter

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Dark Trails: An Anthology of Weird Western Stories. by Michael Knost kck.st/1eO5ZOa via @kickstarter

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Animatronic ‘devil baby’ roaming the streets of NYC and scaring the crap out of people dangerousminds.net/comments/anima… via @DangerMindsBlog

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Hi @EvanJPeterson - yes! That wikipedia page cites my 1994 article, “Who’s Laughing Now? The Postmodern Splatter Film” (focus: Evil Dead 2).

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RDSPress This explains why it is so hard to sell books! fb.me/304QB4X4M

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prompt: Jump two stages ahead in human evolution. Describe the body…and how it has changed to defend against new monsters.

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POEM: “Naked Glass Collarbone” by @ctstout flic.kr/p/jausn1

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@ctstout BRUTAL! Love it Chris. Will post to flickr momentarily…thanks for sharing your fridge photos!

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You need a wifi dowsing rod: miket.co.uk/wifi_dowsing_r…

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Love the Dead Poet’s Society overdub in the new Apple ipad apple.com/your-verse/ (but hark! no one is shown writing poetry!)

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We’re in the thick of the MFA residency in Writing Popular Fiction at . Guest Philip Palmer speaks Tues… fb.me/18JbSeKni

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Sam__Weller Don’t be an art snob. Surround yourself with high, middle, and low brow. It all has a purpose.

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Thanks again for NOS4A2 @joe_hill 100+ students in our MFA program at Seton Hill are discussing it tomorrow! Any words to pass on?

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LOL @kwtaylorwriter (“Bling Detector” ought to be a song).

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Last year at this time many of your were helping fund on Kickstarter. Fond memories: kickstarter.com/projects/natha… Thank you again!

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joe_hill My all time favorite wallpaper: pic.twitter.com/NQ7YtcIoFy

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“Eww — a house with a spleen!”

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“Klaus and Maureen”

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Photo: The commercial version of the tarot in Live and Let Die, c/o the 007 James Bond Museum.  See also… tmblr.co/ZgGSZr13pLxeR

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DarkDel Dark Delicacies has restocked most of their ski masks pic.twitter.com/ddYpizhUQT

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RachelintheOC “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
― Dr. Seuss

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WriterCarole The Reading Lessons by Carole Lanham 99 cents today! amazon.com/dp/1938750896/… via @amazon

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setonhill British Science Fiction Author and Screenwriter to Speak at Seton Hill 1/14 grif.ly/k9q9

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Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side on sale for $3.03 on Google Play: play.google.com/store/books/de…

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poetswritersinc Video: Actor Anthony Hopkins reads Dylan Thomas’s acclaimed poem “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.” at.pw.org/1aHN0BX

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Glamor Shot: Three Writing Tools flic.kr/p/j2XhZK Many Genres One Craft @heidirubymiller

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@g_so I don’t remember Dr. Phlox. Was he an alien dentist? Sounds like one to me.

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‘Death in one sentence.” prompt from @writing.com app pic.twitter.com/RK6lONLl1F

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LOL. Yeah — I think the backwards ones should be called enoticoms.

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HuffPostWeird Everything you know about dying is wrong huff.to/19Q8Us9

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I Know Where You Slid Last Winter

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What’s Heating Gilbert Grape?

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The Icicle Thief

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DHarlanWilson @sfreud FREUD: THE PENULTIMATE BIOGRAPHY comes out next month. http://www.dharlanwilson…

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@TheRealAlSnow @LadyKaianne Agreed. Reminds me Alan M. Clark’s “The Pain Doctors of Suture Self General” ifdpublishing.com/zencart2/index…

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I will always love this Audiovile (CD) cover art by Matt @sesow flic.kr/p/dKRHCi

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World Horror Convention should hire Gost to play after the Stoker Banquet. youtube.com/watch?v=zIQ5B1… fb.me/20d4fb5xR

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More great news from @RDSPress — their 2014 schedule is a great lineup. fb.me/T1bAwS4P

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BleedingChrome DISABILITY IN SCIENCE FICTION is eligible for nomination in Hugo Award’s Best Related Work category. Help an independent scholar out? :-)

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@MikeBrendan Can’t find your email address for some reason. Send contact info to me via gorelets.com for your “Resolution” gifts?

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AcademicsSay Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to complete a New Year’s resolution but can do so by January 6th. Thank you for your consideration.

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Uncanny photos show people dressed upside-down as they walk on hands dailym.ai/1lKi2OM via @Femail

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Awesome conference on monstrous pedagogies bit.ly/monsters14 thx @hea_AH - travel to Manchester may be difficult; I will consider.

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Cool ideas for custom re-casing your kindle ebook device: [Kindle] Casing Platform by skrekkogle thingiverse.com/thing:33396

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Photoset: Wiija — an imaginary Ouija board game for the Nintendo Wii.  - Sources: desmotivaciones.es,…tmblr.co/ZgGSZr13OaTUbT

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Subscribe to my newsletter, The Goreletter, and you might achieve immortality: eepurl.com/K4NNr [I said “might.” You also might die.]

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ellumen i - the word flic.kr/p/iV4iEx and two others posted to my gallery

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GhouliaChilds EYEBALL Martini! Just what the Doctor Ordered pic.twitter.com/xZG486GUZk

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Photo: Spotted the Everyday Zombies Bicycle card deck in a local Target store. It seemed ironic at the… tmblr.co/ZgGSZr13CCQ0l

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@LadyKaianne Thanks Cheryl! Best feedback on the story reading yet.

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G+: Listen to “Limber” - a newly uncovered ‘bonus track’ from Audiovile — here: plus.google.com/10618638523940…

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G+: Here’s the story we wrote together using Authorbee for “The Resolution” contest on New Year’s Eve.  Thanks..plus.google.com/10618638523940…v7

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@MichaelPaulDell You might have to email the director for that info… I don’t think there is anything public yet and idk.

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Proverbs for Monsters deal from Dark Regions Press! Get the RARE signed limited edition hardcover of this Stoker… fb.me/1Qumz9hKn

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Dark_Regions_Pr Proverbs for Monsters by @MikeArnzen RARE signed limited edition hardcovers 33% OFF with coupon code ARNZEN33 at: darkregions.com/books/proverbs…

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Photo: Tron of the Living Dead. The game is not “over.” In Continue987654321 you play an undead video game… tmblr.co/ZgGSZr139lBdy

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NatRusso Put an end to writer’s block with “Yes, but… / No, and…”: bit.ly/VNgfS8

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Discovered “Limber” in the old Audiovile recording sessions! Here’s your online bonus track:… fb.me/2h5E96bfE

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iphone420s every year you pass your birthday and know that you were born that day but every year you pass your death day and have no clue

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@garydawg @MikeBrendan You won some Arnzen books and an amazon gift card from Authorbee for “The Resolution” See: gorelets.com/blog/instigati…

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@MikeBrendan @garydawg Congrats again! Pls contact me via email - I need your contact info for your “Resolution”/AuthorBee prize.

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LIMBER - fiction reading from 100 Jolts - I found this lost track from the Audiovile sessions and remastered it: soundcloud.com/dr-arnzen/limb…

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Selected poems from
The Nest appear in:

cover for The Gorelets Omnibus by Michael Arnzen