February 2014

faculty having a ball at ! Here’s me and @NicolePeeler at table laughing it up. pic.twitter.com/FcLZMDRMo8

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heidirubymiller Todd Davis visits @MikeArnzen at the @setonhill table instagram.com/p/k-h5IDweeM/

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Had fun chatting with great poet (& SHU student) @lynnlana and the great SF writer Bill Ransom at yesterday. pic.twitter.com/dEBXrgmBcu

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Great “Superheroes of Poetry” reading from @webbish6 & friends last nite See webbish6.com for video pic.twitter.com/vsmlMh6B6F

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I will be at Seton Hill table: South Hall, Bookfair Space CC26 from 1:30-2pm today! Come see Many Genres textbook or chat abt horror.

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heidirubymiller @setonhill at with authors from @RDSPress instagram.com/p/k7w8c4QeYW/

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@NicolePeeler Will have to miss out on round four — heading to reading at Jack Straw Center. Have fun!

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webbish6 Off to rent a Poet Van and first full day of ! Come out for terrific speculative poetry tonight at Jack Straw! pic.twitter.com/DU24GIUoPn

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awpwriter @NicolePeeler Yes! It is free and open to the public on Saturday!

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You may have heard of Oblique Strategies. Here’s my new web app, DIABOLIQUE STRATEGIES:… fb.me/18D6Duv4v

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“We Like Double: The Ford Fusion Hybrid Superbowl Ad” posted to The Popular Uncanny gorelets.com/uncanny/advert…

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RT @Slate Steven Soderbergh’s new Psycho mash-up is incredibly eerie—WATCH: slate.me/Ms2nbG <-This is AWESOME.

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darkmarkets Author Spotlight: Michael Arnzen | DarkMarkets shar.es/FZuBV

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“Author Spotlight: Michael Arnzen” Thanks for the great interview, @darkmarkets !… fb.me/3OwtjsMvo

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Cool! Writers appearing in the Drawn to Marvel antho minorarcanapress.com/drawn-to-marve… Reading at @RaygunLounge 7pm Sat nite! @MinorArcanaPrs

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Caddyshack. Animal House. Ghostbusters. Stripes. Groundhog Day. Comedy has lost a great WRITER in Harold Ramis. imdb.com/name/nm0000601…

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Good Tweet Sheet @awpwriter — useful advice for ALL conferences/live tweeting. awpwriter.org/application/pu…

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My Gorelets Omnibus and @JustAfterSunset’s Hysteria are two @RDSPress books currently nominated for the @sfpoetry Elgin Award for 2012-3.

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Congratulations to all FINALISTS on the Bram Stoker Award Ballot! eepurl.com/O1yef Way to go Wyto! @JustAfterSunset @RDSPress

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“This is Not This is an Audiobook”: flic.kr/p/kob3RS Experiment 50 posted to the gorelets flickr gallery

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brainpicker For Gorey’s birthday. T.S. Eliot’s beloved vintage cat verses, illustrated and signed by Gorey j.mp/1nWVOdz pic.twitter.com/Q5w9nHvHv0

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Dark_Regions_Pr Tomorrow 1 Newsletter Subscriber guaranteed a free copy of The Midnight Meat Train by @RealCliveBarker Subscribe at: darkregions.com/friday

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GraveyardCallin New FREE 31 track compilation out today! graveyardcalling.co.uk ..instagram.com/p/kvAoBWyptQ/Eh

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Thx to RB at Poker for Breakfast for the unexpected and great review of Licker (2006) wp.me/p2PKgy-1ER

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FEARNET Artist creates CREEPY human faces and forms from old toys - on.fearnet.com/1bSg0xj

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awpwriter We are pleased to announce that the bookfair will be open to the public free of charge on Saturday, March 1: awpwriter.org/magazine_media…

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TheExorcist1973 Only 24hrs until The Exorcist audio drama airs on @BBCRadio4 captainhowdy.com/2014/02/bbc-ra…

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Hmm… French mimes have been awfully quiet about the US clown shortage. ti.me/1m6RlG8 via @TIMENewsFeed

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“Of Squids and Women”: Back ‘She Walks in Shadows’ - a Fem Lovecraft antho on @Indiegogo igg.me/p/672118/twtr @innsmouthpress

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adamnajberg 12 Famous Lines of Dialogue (That Everyone Always Misquotes) fb.me/1nSK0sQTG

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“Write an excerpt from a ‘self-hurt’ book (using the tone of ‘self-help’).” prompt on the dark side from amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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Visit Minor Arcana Press at the book fair. They’re launching Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comic Books… fb.me/3kvqa2pUe

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Here’s where to find me at in Seattle. gorelets.com/events/awp-sea…

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Wow! Swipe AND wipe with this iPad toilet paper roll holder! (Must read the customers Q&A!) amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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The_Millions “When I dislike a novel, it’s usually because I recognize something familiar in it… Familiar is boring.” theamericanscholar.org/on-weirdness/#…

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TheCafeIrreal @RDSPress Thank you! We have wanted to have a responsive site for a long time — now at least home page and new issue are…

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Congrats on your Best Horror of the Year poem @webbish6! Looking forward to meeting/reading with you at the Drawn to Marvel reading at AWP.

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h101 Here’s someone I’d like to see in ! @GroovyBruce pic.twitter.com/pFQjy7wrzf

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Live_for_Films 3 of the Biggest Fictional Casino Wins From the Movies bit.ly/MnJwzh

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kickstarter Important Kickstarter Security Notice: kck.st/1lTLOma

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Seattle readers might want to join me at this fun event for Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comic Books on 3/1! fb.me/6m1iXvxVD

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Woman Slices Off Of Ex’s Name, Mails Bloody Skin To Him huff.to/1eY7aNb via @HuffPostWeird

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“The snow falls when they sleep…” Perfect day to read “The Scraper” in Hazard Yet Forward (free in preview): amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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@herodfel How goes the project we discussed a few months ago? Coming along well, I hope.

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herodfel write a flash for this comp (or at least vote for mine lol plz ): greymatterpress.com/st-valentines-…

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@Zoe_E_W @TheRickBaker Me too, Zoe! Just watched it a few days ago…@DavidWNaughton does some amazing transformation acting too!

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TheRickBaker Another fun film to do Landis pushing me while I operate the wolf for the Piccaddilly circus scene pic.twitter.com/gdD0SzfN8R

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Great!: “Why Literary New York Is A Bottle Full of Tapeworms Trying To Feed On Each Other” by @laurenleto readtapestry.com/s/RiKjFVdzi/ @tapestry

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@laurenleto @Leto I used the tweet button on @tapestry — I think Lauren’s handle there is your handle here. No matter - you’re both cool!

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Streets of Shadows - A Noir Urban Fantasy Fiction Anthology by Steven Saus kck.st/1l3fQa8 via @kickstarter

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crystallakepub To celebrate our Publisher of the Year win, all eBooks are now selling for $2.99. ends Monday evening.

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Thx to all who grabbed my horror novel Play Dead during the - still 1/2 a day left to get $1 off: amazon.com/dp/B00E5G92MW

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I’ve got 8 answers to 8 questions from @pigfender: pigfender.com/index.php/2014…

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westendproducer Salvador Dalek. pic.twitter.com/nNz9T93zTf

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Love that you “beyonce-d” your new book drop, @ReadJackiKing ! Best wishes with it.

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pipnbling STEPHEN KING Charm Bracelet 17 Stephen King Book Cover Charms sold by pipnbling via @tictail pipnbling.tictail.com/product/stephe… pic.twitter.com/exTTWyDXpu

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Slate EXCLUSIVE: The secret calls leading up to the Comcast–Time Warner dealslate.me/1g1YBip3pic.twitter.com/OEdIJQyJ9L9L

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@pigfender Lots of empathy… restoring a website is like rewriting — nay, rewriting and reBINDING — an entire book. Kudos on the fix!

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LOVED THIS: “Why Literary New York Is A Bottle Full of Tapeworms Trying To Feed On Each Other” by @Leto readtapestry.com/s/RiKjFVdzi/ @tapestry

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NeinQuarterly Be Moan.

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LawrenceBlock Big news in publishing: tinyurl.com/q5qfbz7 Never saw this one coming!

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StoryMeBad Your protagonist can only be as impressive as the antagonism demands of him. Your story will not fly until you empower the dark side.

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$2 off the kindle version of Play Dead for 4 more hours. Clickey most rickey tick. amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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JcmorenoJuan Raíces adaptándose al entorno pic.twitter.com/a9Z8V9M6f9

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bizarroguy Limited time Kindle Countdown sale of Play Dead by Michael Arnzen buff.ly/1dF4yiy

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“1,000 Bodies Found On U of Miss Campus Thought to be from Old ‘Lunatic Asylum’” huff.to/1ghyJkv via @HuffPostWeird

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“This is Horror” prize to Tattoo Artist of the Year thisishorror.co.uk/awards/2013-wi… Nice ink. I guess Elvis really IS not dead.

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Photo: Nevermind is a “biofeedback horror” adventure game where you play a “Neuroprober” exploring… tmblr.co/ZgGSZr17GqLtg

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I made you a pwetty widdle Winter Valentine’s Day heart. Aww. (Shh…Don’t tell anyone, but it’s actually made… fb.me/26RkbJGVo

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“Local Psychologist A Former Skeptic, Now Trains Priests In Exorcisms” @CBSPittsburgh pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2014/02/10/loc…

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Because I want you to have some spare gambling loot: a reminder that Play Dead for Kindle is on sale 2 more days. amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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LOL @tylerj_carter! But not to worry: I’m perfectly happy to continue my role as Czar of the Bizarre.

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Only 20 mins left to get Play Dead for just $1.99 before it goes up another $1 in the . amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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Play Dead is 52 chapters, structured like a deck of cards. Here’s a sample suit from the kindle edition on sale now flic.kr/p/k1EM8x

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Drone with robotic legs can perch on a branch like a bird gigaom.com/2014/01/27/dro… via @gigaom

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RT @rocketridebooks A New Way to Practice Creative Writing ow.ly/tfzG5 <- a wordpress plug-in for blog writing prompts

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1) sloth
2-7) whatever.

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Sample “suit” page from Play Dead: flic.kr/p/k1EM8x

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Don’t miss the chance to get Play Dead cheap — only a few days left in the Amazon : amazon.com/gp/product/B00… via @amazon

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Sorry if you missed the .99c special on Play Dead for Kindle…but now it’s only 1.99 for the next 24 hours or so! amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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Just 2 hours left to get Play Dead on your kindle at cheapest price ever. amazon.com/gp/product/B00… via @amazon

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Play Dead on Kindle Paperwhite flic.kr/p/jYRKPj <- @RDSPress Countdown deal: .99c at amazon | price goes up to 1.99 this afternoon

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RT Thx @HorrorNovels! Kindle Countdown: PLAY DEAD – this week onlybit.ly/1f8S3NrLs

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The basic rules for playing Butcher Boy - one of the key games in my novel Play Dead: xenomind.com/pokervar/Nonpo…

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Play Dead .99c sale in the Countdown. Act quick — goes up a dollar day for the next five days!


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MikeMehalek smiles-Get Play Dead by @MikeArnzen for only 99¢! Then play some butcher boy

Limited time only @RDSPress


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I agree, @Robert_Essig — Jamais Vu is a great new e-journal. Top authors and great coverage of the strange. Nice review.

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RDSPress For a brief time the edition of Michael Arnzen’s PLAY DEAD will be available for .99 cents…. fb.me/2JEdaMTvQ

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Kindle Countdown Special from @RDSPress — get my horror novel, Play Dead on sale all week! .99 cents right now! gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…

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NEhorrorwriters RT @StaceyBLongo: Creepy Typeface With Human Skin And Features

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CNN: Can ‘The LEGO Movie’ really be THAT good? cnn.com/2014/02/07/sho…

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@pigfender having trouble accessing your site — hope you’re not plagued by web goblins, but if so, best wishes in the battle

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“The Olympics, Gothic Style” infocult.typepad.com/infocult/2014/… from informatics @BryanAlexander

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29 hours left: CLIVE BARKER: IMAGINER Deluxe Hardcover Art Book. by Thomas Negovan kck.st/1a5SE0K via @kickstarter

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Fascinatingpics Best Tattoo Ever! pic.twitter.com/ottouFS983

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Watched American Werewolf in London @AAWILMovie again last night. What a classic balance of horror and comedy. @DunneGriffin = great actor.

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@SallyBosco @MissyLynnRyan Congratulations on your new book Sally!

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darkmarkets Reconstructing The Monster | DarkMarkets shar.es/QuVHN

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@MandyPaulalways @Authorfan Right on. (GM should see a digital release later this year!)

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@HMmonster Nice list! Thx for including me in the madhouse.

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glenchen On demand poetry: ‘Poemgrams’ lets you chat with poets, takes hassle out of Valentine’s Day flip.it/JY6Nv

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@Authorfan Thanks man. Love the new paperwhite for readability and goodreads …but just realized they took out audio functionality :-(

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First purchase for my new kindle paperwhite: Happy Hour of the Damned by @mark_henry amazon.com/dp/B0031W1DWI

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BluGilliand Why HORROR LIBRARY VOL. 5 belongs in your library: tinyurl.com/nfppnr2 @FEARNET

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@MikeMehalek Thanks for the post about “Limber”! Disgustingly delicious :-)

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@awpwriter Would be happy to be included on the “attendees” twitter list.

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G+: New issue of The Goreletter is out. You can read it online - but be sure to subscribe to never miss an update. plus.google.com/10618638523940…

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“scatterblox” flic.kr/p/jSHeJw <— First “Kindle Experiment” art with my neat new and app

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MikeMehalek It’s the lost track”Limber” to @MikeArnzen’s spoken word album Audiovile—FREE to download.


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The Goreletter 9.1 eepurl.com/NAC7b was sent last night. If you didn’t get one, it’s either because it’s… fb.me/1VHGXVjpX

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Hot off the press: The Goreletter: February 2014 - eepurl.com/NAC7b

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The new Goreletter will be delivered before Midnight eastern tonight — check it out: eepurl.com/IY4o9

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Winner of the 2003 Bram Stoker Award: my newsletter! Still going after over a decade. New issue out today! Sign up: eepurl.com/IY4o9

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heidirubymiller @JasonJackMiller @MikeArnzen @NicolePeeler Seattle in 2 weeks!

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@NicolePeeler @mark_henry @RichelleMead @katrchrdsn Thx! Would love to meet Nicole’s buds.

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comicsalliance AMC Officially Announces ‘Preacher’ TV Series: bit.ly/1buuihQ

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SandyDeLuca Please help spread the word about Necro/Bedlam’s great products. necropublications.myshopify.com/products/pierc…

Proud to have one of my short stories included…

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Tomorrow’s issue of The Goreletter features twisted related writing prompts. Sign up now! eepurl.com/IY4o9

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pigfender Read the 8Qs interview with 4x Bram Stoker Award winning horror writer and educator @MikeArnzen (aka @arnzen)! pigfender.com/index.php/2014…

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AlphaWorkshop Past guests including @daviddlevine @EllenKushner and @MikeArnzen dish on why teaching Alpha is the best gig going: alpha.spellcaster.org/2014/02/05/aut…

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Dave_Bullis @MikeArnzen Check out his latest book, ‘Play Dead’.

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G+: New issue of goreletter coming this Friday. Subscribe to try it out at: eepurl.com/IY4o9 plus.google.com/10618638523940…

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A fountain pen with a “lever filler” works like a syringe. And taxidermy works like an ink well.

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MinorArcanaPrs As we get closer to releasing , we want to know: who are your poetry heroes and villains?

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MikeMehalek Many Genre, One Craft: “It’s a book that any writer will find helpful” reviewer @MikeArnzen @heidirubymiller


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Seton Hill’s MFA in Writing Popular Fiction will be at - Visit us in South Hall Exhibit Space CC26. Arnzen at 1:30-2:45p Fri/Sat.

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If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you and say it loves you and wants to raise a family.

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Photo: bilingual edition of Skull Fragments by Michael Arnzen (trans. Jerome Charlet. France: Les Perseides, 2009: flic.kr/p/jHXtDG

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A new issue of The Goreletter is mailing next week. Please join the list at:… fb.me/3sD8Uqsgl

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@DanHutson You bet! (Awesome profile photo btw).

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(A personal favorite)

“flural”: whine and wheeze / cough and sneeze / let fly the florets of phlegm / you dandelion of disease

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@ANTIBOOKCLUB LOL. I did! Between shouts of MILLL-DREEEEDDD! Manfish slurped his eel coffee and was not pleased.

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Congrats @TracyHoban1! For being my 5000th follower, I’ll send you a free copy of my book 100 Jolts! DM or email me your postal address.

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“downcast” - new word art posted to the gallery at flic.kr/p/jECNBC

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“Is the Valley Now a Meme?” asks @UCLAarts Peter Lunenfeld. The answer is yes, and all memes are unheimlich. gorelets.com/uncanny/theory…

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Selected poems from
The Nest appear in:

cover for The Gorelets Omnibus by Michael Arnzen