April 2014

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My mini-review of Jamais Vu: Journal of the Strange among the Familiar posted to The Popular Uncanny: gorelets.com/uncanny/fictio…

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“A Course in Demonic Creativity” - free ebook from @Matt_Cardin teemingbrain.com/2013/08/22/a-c…

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“Colored Pencils” - latest ‘kindle experiment’ art posted to my flickr gallery - turned out kinda neat flic.kr/p/nqZveC

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@worldhorror event listing posted: worldhorror2014.org/special-events… Looking forward to the freakshow of fun!

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Horror 101 is a great new kindle advice book (cheap at .99c) for writers on the dark side. gorelets.com/blog/arnzen-ne…

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from the - Pursuit / Transylvannian / robot

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Wow, Horror 101 is the #1 ranked kindle book in Vocational Guidance on @amazon right now! :-) amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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Photo: Awesome “hobo nickel” (coin etched by artist) by Steve Cox. — Hobo Nickel Societytmblr.co/ZgGSZr1EPDxPEW

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Horror 101: The Way Forward - copious career/writing advice for horror authors - now available from @crystallakepub: amazon.com/gp/product/B00…

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Be on the lookout for this great ebook for horror writers coming out this week: Horror 101: The Way Forward. fb.me/2RxhxoPnm

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Right on — The Morbid Anatomy Museum met its crowdsourcing goals! kck.st/1eEOzpI via @kickstarter 5 days to go - get in!

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Here’s a great review of The Gorelets Omnibus from @Gabino_Iglesias awhile back: blackheartmagazine.com/2012/10/09/the…

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Hey @tapestry - love your site - Do you offer a way to backup our stories? Or have any recs for such a process?

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“A new kind of hard-copy bibliomania has without question sprung up along the banks of digital reading.” nytimes.com/2014/04/27/mag…

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“Key to all fiction, long or short, is to remember that the wolfman did not want the moon.” - Ron Carlson

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If you’re new to @worldhorror con next month, don’t neglect the Gross-Out Writing Contest! :-) worldhorror2014.org/special-events…

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Diabolique Strategies - a stimulant for creative weirdos diaboliquestrategies.com pic.twitter.com/Ai9LXv2R4G

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(A personal favorite)

she chews through her words / as though her teeth could smash / the very atoms / of my name — / I see myself / fractured in her spittle

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“There might be a day in the future when, instead of cat photos and selfies, we are showing off our robots.” news.wisc.edu/22761

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serena_t Dolls and the Uncanny wp.me/pmv6u-zi

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FictionVale Interested in ? Bram Stoker Award winner @MikeArnzen shares strategies! ow.ly/vPSsd fb.me/3c2aVvLJq

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Of course @Prof_Neil_Smith knows that is actually occultist code for a sacrificial goat.

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PublishersWkly U.N. General Assembly To Honor Gabriel García Márquez : Huffington Post pwne.ws/1ijnzt7

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martyhalpern THE CHILDREN OF OLD LEECH by @lossrockhart, Justin Steele & @WordHorde—for @LairdBarron fans. martyhalpern.blogspot.com/2014/04/editin… pic.twitter.com/lrVLwmnh67

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mccrabb_will CHUCKY is even more frightening with his skin off. pic.twitter.com/OL0ZxHUiHE

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Slightly updated edition of: “One Moment Please” - flash fiction posted to readtapestry.com/s/i5zqoholp/

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“One Moment Please” — a new weird flash story posted to - readtapestry.com/s/i5zqoholp/

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bizarroguy Like flash fiction? Try the ground-breaking 100 Jolts: Shockingly Short Stories by Michael A. Arnzen! buff.ly/1eWBydM

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Cutting Board with Lime flic.kr/p/nib8vp

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From @weirdtales : Robert Arthur Jr. - An Unsung Hero of the Weird weirdtalesmagazine.com/2014/04/19/rob…

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PoemsOnCrime For Day 18 of , an original poem by @MikeArnzen, “Avenger”: gorelets.com/blog/gorelets-…

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PoemsOnCrime Up today on , @MikeArnzen. While waiting, here’s his poem, “This is How I Murdered the Librarian”: poemsoncrime.blogspot.com/2012/09/michae…

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@SalonSustain @Salon Saw that on the news and was quite mortified. Literally pissing away all that water! :-)

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Doing some spring cleaning. Starting with the little one in the pen that makes it go clicky-click. Then on to the box under the mattress…

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Cereal Killers – Trading Cards And Stickerhellnotes.com/cereal-killers…40 LOL — available in Toys R Us!

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@JustAfterSunset Oh yes, the dolls. I remember liking the Tom Savini short in that movie. And something with injected eyeballs.

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Despite recent law changes I remind you that it is still illegal to smoke cannibals in the USA. Except at a cannibal barbeque, of course.

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@Dr_Tonelli Always obey the editor.

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@nickbilton @ForrestAguirre LOL.. it will take them YEARS to get him out of there.

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“Snarky Retorts to Classic Horror Movie Lines” gorelets.com/blog/blather/s…

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“Sunrise Reader” - another Amazon Kindle art experiment posted to my flickr set flic.kr/p/n5V7NV

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GhouliaChilds TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 and BREAKFAST CLUB Poster Comparison pic.twitter.com/ykJgN7aG8I

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@KindleHelp Wonderful! I’ll gladly volunteer if you need some folks to pilot.

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Hey @amazon I’ve got an idea: start a channel on FireTV of authors/narrators reading “videobooks” aloud as kindle text captions below.

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“Even the Grim Reaper himself would drop his jaw reading some of these beautifully decadent poems.” Preorder… fb.me/2l5v8MGEG

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DamnorandoM | Diabolique Strategies diaboliquestrategies.com

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POEM: “Through Chewing Souls” by Chris Stout @ctstout - magnets of for flic.kr/p/n4PVt6

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Astounding photo @MariaBoedeker! Potential zombie sequel to Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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@ctstout @RDSPress Nice build-up in this poem Chris. Will post soon.

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RealTenaciousD ‘Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life’ is now out in the US! Go check it out! smarturl.it/diodigital

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new post to flickr gallery - “Sanitizer Dreams” - flic.kr/p/n2ph5Q

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My Diabolical Strategy for today is… (What’s yours?) diaboliquestrategies.com pic.twitter.com/Zh1i7bqjAV

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POEM: “Bond” by author Jessica McHugh (@theJessMcHugh) flic.kr/p/n14ZyP

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bizarroguy It’s national poetry month! Have you read The Gorelets Omnibus by Michael A. Arnzen? buff.ly/OJAdKo

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So cool of you to say @davidbainaa — if you defile the Instigation Postcard I’ll send you a fresh one for keepers, okay?

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I just backed The Morbid Anatomy Museum on @kickstarter kck.st/1eEOzpI This is like the modern Mutter. Support the !

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amandapalmer SO @neilhimself & I donated ourselves to the @morbidanatomy @kickstarter… go see xxx kck.st/1eEOzpI

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Hey @TheFledgelings — You’re looking for “Tamagotchi” by @adammarek from The New Uncanny published by @commapress — and you rock.

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arnzen A new sound posted: “66.6 The Bat” : EL 150 Student Group Project on DRACULA soundcloud.com/dr-arnzen/66-6… on

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Great to see a new POEM for : “He is Gone” by Stephanie Wytovich (@JustAfterSunset) flic.kr/p/mV6dmF

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Added this summer’s booksigning events on my @LibraryThing page this morning: librarything.com/author/arnzenm…

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CBSPittsburgh CRAZY! NEW PHOTO: tree trimmer survives after chainsaw gets stuck in his neck. cbsloc.al/1dKFTQO pic.twitter.com/4ONAbaN56q

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RDSPress Check out my animated short BRAIN CANDY based on a story by @MikeArnzen! bit.ly/1qaXwed

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Here’s the most recent issue of The Goreletter. New subscribers invited!: eepurl.com/QmVIT

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@tgiove Emerson is great! But if you write genre fiction, you’ll find “community” with writers in our low-res WPF program for sure + more!

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PublishersWkly How ‘Carrie’ changed Stephen King’s life, and began a generation of horror | Guardian pwne.ws/1pZKsXi

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RDSPress BLANKETY BLANK by D. Harlan Wilson is now on . If you bought a print copy from Amazon, download for free…. fb.me/6B7kKMr4Z

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@NicoleCushing @darkfuse Have a great signing/reading (noon at @booksatkerouac )!

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Congrats on the story in the Ice Cold antho, @BevVincent !

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Video: William Burroughs reads “Annabel Lee” in “The Dark Eye” …a 1990’s Poe PC Game! — Source: Kotatmblr.co/ZgGSZr1C1zo8aBMv

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nam_ov @CHANNINGPOSTERS I had to hear it.The opening scream would empty most dancehalls, I reckon. youtu.be/DugLbweh6mk

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prompt from @ryanmwilliams : “What body part would you sacrifice for more time?” <- (me: the wrist that wears the watch).

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Want a “Fridge of the Damned” Horror Poetry Magnet Kit? rawdogscreaming.com/books/the-frid…

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2013 was a good year for making stuff — The Year in Kickstarter:kickstarter.com/year/2013A

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Shoutout to @LCConnolly @JustAfterSunset @DianeTurnshek and @beccabaker02 just to say thx for joining the “pros” panel on 4/29.

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ForrestAguirre Someday, this has to be translated auf Deutsch. After all, it begins in Vienna!: amazon.com/dp/1630230014/ pic.twitter.com/5X4xWpkTR9

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hoplitnet Daily routines of creative people from history, in infographic form! - i.imgur.com/U8IMHqR.jpg

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LAReviewofBooks “The gag is the opposite of narrative. It is an element that actively seeks to assail narrative logic.” -@pjmaciakabit.ly/1ghDDuLkv

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OpenRoadMedia “The Facebook Sonnet” by @Sherman_Alexie

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RT @HuffPostWeird Identical twin brothers found dead sitting in recliners huff.to/1pK1BEh <-I almost made a La-z-boys joke.

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sf_fandom SF Site: Fowler Wins PEN/Faulkner: Karen Joy Fowler has won the PEN/Faulkner Award for her no… bit.ly/1dRnL7j

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“Kindle Fire”: new artpiece on “kindle experiments” set flic.kr/p/mGnGby

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Still doing visual “kindle experiments” on flickr. Latest art: flickr.com/photos/gorelet… fb.me/1jJbXNgrk

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@ryanmwilliams Liked the post about the myth of free time. Good series, Ryan.

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- Check out my random provocations for dark ideas/twists: Diabolique Strategies diaboliquestrategies.com

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Plan for next year’s April fool’s joke: replace all calendars in house with this year’s calendar, freshly turned to the April month page.

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Last call: Contact me if you want one of these prompt-to-publish postcards; free till 12pm est for : masticationpublications.com/greetings-from…

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SPHorror Happy release day to @mickridgewell @timwaggoner @huntershea1 and @DarklyVicKerry !

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Are you doing NaPoWriMo? If so, contact me for a free Instigation postcard TODAY ONLY (4.1):… fb.me/1dFwzkU9o

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Contact me if you want a postcard prompt-to-publish challenge; I’ll mail you one free today only for : masticationpublications.com/greetings-from…

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Video: For April Foolers:  Penn & Teller’s Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends (vid). Also a classic book among… tmblr.co/ZgGSZr1BowZFN

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HwoodTheater Horror filmmakers and fans - we’re teaming up with Horror Realm to present our first horror film festival on May… fb.me/3pqezYV1X

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Selected poems from
The Nest appear in:

cover for The Gorelets Omnibus by Michael Arnzen