May 2014

I will be at in Uniontown PA mall tonight — panel at 6pm and reading from 100 Jolts at 7pm.

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There are people. And then there are poople.

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Rickert_Beagle MT “@MikeArnzen: @Rickert_Beagle details for the Aug signing…

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I just bought: ‘The Hoard’ by @alanryker for $1.99… Currently the #2 horror bestseller — way to go Alan & @darkfuse!

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Preview image of the gateway into (launching tomorrow) … something tells me Heidi Ruby Miller,…

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If in Uniontown PA area, catch me at this Saturday… Lots of @RDSPress authors and more on hand all weekend!

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@Rickert_Beagle Chris, do I have these details right for the Aug signing?…

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AntiOedipusP Our next book, @DHarlanWilson’s PRIMORDIAL, is available for PREORDER & ARCs are available for reviewers.…

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Good Riley’s “Writers on Writing” Storytelling Nite recap by @LCConnolly posted:…

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New background on the Arnzen Social Network:
[ thanks to @DarklyVicKerry for the awesome magnet ]

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sesamestreet We’re saddened by the passing of our friend Maya Angelou. Thank you for all you’ve done, and for all the hugs.

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G+: Next event: Reading flash fic at in Uniontown PA this weekend (5/30-6/1). Meet me and other…VG

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Thx Thomas! It was an event of Olympian proportions. :-) @LetterSwitch @JustAfterSunset @LCConnolly

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Nice shot from storytelling nite at Riley’s Pour House Karen! It was fun getting my Irish on and talking a little…

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“When you’re strange…faces come out in the rain.” Unforgettable! @douglasgwilym @FrankOreto @JustAfterSunset

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JustAfterSunset @MikeArnzen “Dracula taught me how to count.”

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wyto takes the stage at rileys! talks asylums medical oddities & writing!. @JustAfterSunset @RDSPress

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at rileys storytelling event — @sheldonhigdon regales with 3am crimes and weirdness

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JustAfterSunset And the first @MikeArnzen cackle of the night has occurred! @RDSPress @bizarroguy @JasonJackMiller @heidirubymiller

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“What Possessed Me to Write Horror” — hear my tale tonite 8pm at Riley’s with @LCConnolly @JustAfterSunset & more!…

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arnzen Less is more.…

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keyescore I really, really love this Aurelio Valle record, and I’m excited we got to premiere it:…

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h101 David Cronenberg’s The Brood was released 35 years ago today.

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h101 David Cronenberg’s The Brood was released 35 years ago today.

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Come hear me and other authors telling stories about the writer’s life tomorrow (Tues) nite at Riley’s Pour…

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More on Tues night’s “Writer’s on Writing” event at Riley’s in Carnegie:…

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Raw Dog Screaming Press authors will be all over the - deets.

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NoraThompson Psychopathic Killer Cartoon Characters… @MikeArnzen and @JustAfterSunset Thought you might like these, too. @juxtapoz

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helmet. I like the way the inside cushion looks like TEETH. @bikedabs @kentsbike

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Fridge of the Damned gallery updated today with poems written live at World Horror Convention 2014 by the likes…

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A POEM: “Human Velcro Demons” by Michael Bailey @nettirw

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A POEM: “Every Unctuous Agony” by author David Fitzgerald

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Stephanie Wytovich (@JustAfterSunset) Composing Her poem at

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A POEM: “Hallucinatory Pain” by @JustAfterSunset Stephanie Wytovich @worldhorror

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A POEM: “Costume Zombie” by William Hamilton

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Q. 24. What backmasked message was delivered during my class lecture podcast on March 3rd? How has acting on it changed your beliefs?

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Lackingtons Lovecraft + fairy tales? Yes please, “A Mythos Grimmly” anthology. Kickstart away.

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Author @GregLamberson describes The Julian Year — a unique “TREEbook” approach for ipad storytelling. See also

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Added goodreads to my facebook page today. Even if those terms are often mutually exclusive.

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Sign up for The Goreletter to find out what happens between the tweets:

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crimsonhouseboo Publishers Weekly Gets Into the Self-Publishing Business… via @GalleyCat

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I do put a on my horror syllabi —… — but maybe they belong on the front gate of the campus.

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RDSPress The schedule is up for ! I see readings from John Edward Lawson, Michael Arnzen, Heidi Ruby Miller,…

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Can you imagine life without the horror genre? There would be no monsters. Only a**holes.

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G+: +Lawrence C. Connolly  blogs about our upcoming reading with +Michael Arnzen at Riley’s Pour House on the…Xo

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Belated congrats Nicole on your RT award! Proud of you. @mollyharperauth @NicolePeeler

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io9 Watching A Creepy Automaton Tear Itself Apart Is Incredibly Cathartic

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JustAfterSunset @LCConnolly blogs about our upcoming reading with @MikeArnzen at Riley’s Pour House…

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bg_bowers Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood. – T.S. Eliores

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Invention idea: an ebook case made of whiteboard material so we can jot temporary notes in the margins. @amazon

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DavidSandum Happy 17th of May - Norways national holiday. @ Våler i Østfold

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BBC News - Sunken body clue to American origins…

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She picked up her pen, stabbing and staining the page. [Thx for the random shock @grimmteller ]

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AaronSterns @MikeArnzen - Proof ALIEN is a horror film RT “@timwaggoner: My “(Extremely) Short Guide to Writing Horror”:

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anarchicKnitter Diabolique Strategies is a great way to “think out of the coffin” via @MikeArnzen

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arnzen Congratulations to @Dog_Star_Books author and faculty @albertwendland - Today he will be awarded U Professor of the Year!

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@JustAfterSunset @Rickert_Beagle @LCConnolly I would be HONORED to be a part of this! I’m flexible about the saturdays.

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UncannyFlats Hipsters Rejoice: Sony Crams 3700 Blu-Rays on a Cassette Tape

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@JustAfterSunset @LCConnolly The 2nd or 9th of Aug looks free to me. What’s cookin’?

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gutomako Jessica Harrison’s fabulous gory riffs on feminine porcelain figures.

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“Absolutely wicked, fun and provocative!” New 5* review for Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side!…

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POEDOWN! A classic. Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since that epic battle @JustAfterSunset We need to do it again. Poedown II!

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@BrianKeene @ruckawriter @timlebbon TIM! Rucka is holding Keene hostage by knifepoint until you get on a plane!

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PublishersWkly Chipotle Cups Will Now Feature Stories by Jonathan Safran Foer, Toni Morrison, and Other Authors | Vanity Fair

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RDSPress Release Day: EMBRACE THE HIDEOUS IMMACULATE by Chad Hensley, dark poetry with a touch of Cthulhu and a pinch of…

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@SJLyonesse … at least you got a poem out of it! Nice tweet.

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BadRedheadMedia Amazon May Ink Deal with AT&T for its Own Smartphones

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Just realized that amazon’s term for their pseudo-ISBN number — “ASIN” — has demonic overtones. Props!

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@BrianKeene @ruckawriter Hah! Missed this last weekend. This photo is literally a keeper.

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BrianKeene And for the night shift, here’s my WHC Grand Master Award acceptance speech in its entirety:…

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@SallyBosco @JeffStrand @LynneHansen Great group shot! Had fun at lunch Sally, loved the MCing Jeff, and wish we’d more time to chat Lynne!

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@DrWicked huzzah! happy to beta. the more devious the better. wanna integrate diabolique strategies?

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Next event: “Writers on Writing,” hosted by Lawrence C. Connolly, at Riley’s Pour House May 27th 8pm….

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Right on Dan Clore — great panel opener!

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bizarroguy 8Qs: Michael A. Arnzen | pigfender

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6abc 3 kids hurt when wind blows bounce house into air

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RDSPress Our next event is the , May 30th-June 1st at Uniontown Mall in Uniontown, PA. Meet our authors!…

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@JustAfterSunset Loved your con report, Stephanie. It was a great conference and congrats again on your Stoker-finalist book, Hysteria.

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Is there a fish restaurant somewhere called “Swordfish and Sorcery”? Because there should be.

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Great meeting you too, @Sealey_Andrews Your story was fantastic and I know you’ll find a good home for it!

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albertwendland “The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes” is pick of the week with starred review at Publisher’s Weekly! So cool!…

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RDSPress Meet @MikeArnzen during , May 30-June 1 in Uniontown, PA.

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The book I recommended on the poetry panel at : Scary No Scary by Zach Schomburg:… Get it from @BlackOceanOrg

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Cheers to all the freaks, friends and frolickers who spent some time with me at We definitely kept…

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Good con reflections from @NMamatas, in which he coins the phrase for a movement: “the zombie kindlers”

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Thanks @CynthiaJSellers! Wish I could help with the finishing — all I can say is that the world waits for you, so get on it!

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Shirley Jackson Award Finalists - Way to go @LairdBarron and congrats on your Stoker!

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Reading today at 1:30 in Hawthorne Room. Come get gored.

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Mauled at World Horror Convention 2014.

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@AaronSterns “Alien is a HORROR movie!” Fun convo. So good to see you at the con.

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@Nukegumby Loved the workshop, Mikey. So good to catch up.

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@ShanePMcKenzie @BrianKeene @ruckawriter @hopelessjen Fight the power. Had a blast…must do again.

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G+: Come say hi at World Horror Convention 2014 in Portland, Oregon this weekend.  I’…Rm

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I’ll likely read my story from Horror Library V at this weekend (sat 1:30pm — join us!).…

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Will be at soon. Is there a horror section in this indie bookstore?…

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Writer K.Z. Morano on how Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side helped her write 100 Nightmares, a new…

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Happy to hear was so helpful @kzmorano! I’ll share this fantastic review and backstory to your 100 Nightmares.

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I’ll be at Writers on Writing featuring your host @LCConnolly - coming to Riley’s Pour House in Carnegie PA 5/27 -…

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Need a creative boost? Instigation: Prompts on the Dark Side… Or try for for a spur.

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Help? Seeking good sites related to or for my upcoming Flash Fiction course. Will have students play with @AuthorBee and more.

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The Bram Stoker Award banquet this Saturday nite: Info on streaming it, more:… @JeffStrand emcee! @HorrorWriters rock.

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Catch me at in Uniontown, PA at the end of May.

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The most important lesson of film editing ever taught.

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Just bought the latest and found more new fun by @DrWicked at - will use in classroom as that develops!

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Why the Smart Reading Device of the Future May Be … Paper | Science |…LY

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Working my peepers to the cones.

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WomenWriters When I can’t end a story, I usually find that I’ve actually written past the ending. - Louise Erdrich

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Great weird recommendations in Maddie’s Bizarre Book Club by @MadeleineSwann…

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Call for new subscribers to The Goreletter — news you can bruise :

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“Flash Fiction” screamer - icon/avatar photo made for my summer creative writing course at Seton Hill.

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Dark_Regions_Pr Deep Like the River by Tim Waggoner to premiere at World Horror Convention in Portland OR 05/08 w/ author signing!

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scottedelman Today is Free Comic Book Day, and I couldn’t be happier — I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go into your home and take your comics!

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My early schedule of events for World Horror Convention 2014:…

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Frankenstorm by Ray Garton - excerpts available on the Kensington Publishing website…or maybe your backyard:…

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DRUDGE_REPORT Man who cries blood searches for answers…

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Two poetry books at a discount PLUS horror poetry magnets?! Great deal @RDSPress!

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ShelfAwareness Breaking news: Newscorp has acquired Harlequin from Torstar; Harlequin will become a division of @HarperCollins, will remain in Canada.

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MysteryScene 2014 Edgar Award Winners Announced Congrats to all!

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Blake Burkhead gloriously chomps a Play Dead sandwich.

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writing prompt: “A clown is tormented by his (or her) own make-up.”

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elloecho Photoset: wocinsolidarity: Attanya: because I love science fiction and fantasy books,…

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HorrorWriters Meet Stephanie M. Wytovich, nominated for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection.…

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markalanmiller RT for a chance to win a free copy of Next Testament 8, signed by me and @RealCliveBarker

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JohnSandel @pmcbrearty
If you haven’t seen this … John Carpenter on the state of his genre, industry changes &

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mulhollandbooks A day of much rejoicing: we’re giving away 15 advance copies of @ruckawriter’s novel, BRAVO, on @goodreads. Get ‘em:

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First review is in for Horror 101: The Way Forward from @crystallakepub and it’s a 5*s rave:…

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ForrestAguirre Please follow @ResHouse or you’re missing out on the new face of publishing! Please RT!

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thequote There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways you yourself have altered.
- Nelson Mandela

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PatrickStutzman Happy birthday, @JasonJackMiller! You’re featured on today!

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“Bold, bizarre, brilliant…This is a book that every aspiring horror author should have.” INSTIGATION… Thx @kzmorano

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DHarlanWilson My trilogy of autohagiographies—i.e., THE BIOGRAPHIZER TRILOGY @RDSPresss 2014)—is now available in one…WQ

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In the Showcase: @kzmorano @noonski @davidbainaa Writers, do you belong in the list? Let me know.

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JosephAPinto Guitar Girl via @kzmorano

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Selected poems from
The Nest appear in:

cover for The Gorelets Omnibus by Michael Arnzen