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The Goreletter 2.8a: A Bram Stoker Award Winner!

I'm thrilled to announce that The Goreletter received the Bram Stoker Award last weekend, in the “Alternative Forms” category, from the Horror Writer's Association! Please drop by my weblog for a photo album, a press release, a transcript of my acceptance speech, links to more information on all of this year's award winners, and more:

I also accepted the Poetry award on behalf of Bruce Boston, for his book, Pitchblende, which certainly deserved it. As editor of that book, I was very proud that he selected me to receive it on his behalf. In addition to his words of gratitude, I read his poem, “The Nightmare Collector” to the audience, to many genuine shivers.

I want to thank each and every one of you who subscribe to this newsletter, instigating me time and again into thinking such strange thoughts and traveling to such bizarre avenues on the web…The Goreletter is entirely your fault and I blame you entirely for the award.

Seriously: thank you! I'll try to live up to the promise of this award, which is probably the most prestigious in the genre.

Cheers, – Michael Arnzen

* Due to the temporary nature of internet URLs, some websites mentioned in back issues of the Goreletter may no longer be live, or may also point to unscrupulous web servers. I will denote these with overstrikes as I discover them, but if you encounter a dead, changed or unscrupulous link, please feel free to inform me.
* “Boo Coupons” are expired in all but the current issue.
* If you are seeking a particular book by Arnzen mentioned in The Goreletter, try
* Arnzen's blog is now located at Visit it for breaking news and extras not appearing in The Goreletter.

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