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Arnzen Wins Third Bram Stoker Award!

I'm happy to report that my book of mutant character studies-in-verse, FREAKCIDENTS, has just won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection! This is my third Stoker, and I'm jumping with manic joy. Thanks to all who have sent me kudos, and many thanks to the Horror Writers Association – this is probably the highest honor for horror literature, and I honestly am humbled to receive it.

You can read a transcript of my acceptance speech on if you are looking for something to help you go to sleep this evening:

I don't have any photos, but I'll add links as I find them online. A lot of good books won the award this year. I tied in the Poetry category with Charlee Jacob, for her poetry book, Sineater. Jacob also won for Best Novel with Dread in the Beast (which also tied with David Morrell's great novel, Creepers). Other Stoker winners this year included Gary Braunbeck, Joe Hill, Stephen Jones, Peter Straub, Weston Ochse and more. To learn more about the Bram Stoker Awards, visit the Horror Writers Association at

To learn more about Freakcidents, visit publisher Shocklines Press at:


We have a winner in the “Play Dead Card Contest”! The contest asked subscribers to pose an interesting interview question for my weblog on The winner is Ron Breznay, who asks:

“If you could be a corpse, which corpse would you be?”

Trick question! To read my dodgy answer, visit my amazon blog at:

Ron wins a free deck of the rare PLAY DEAD-inspired playing cards. Thanks to everyone who sent in groovy questions; I fully intend to answer some more of them, so keep your eyes on that amazon blog. You can always send me a question for the blog if you like, but note that all contests from Goreletter 4.01 are now officially closed.

The “spaminot” contest from Goreletter 4.01 is also already over! We have two very crafty winners! See which phrase I made up and learn who took the prize here:


Positive reviews are already starting to come in for my upcoming novelette about a boy with a freaky tongue, called LICKER, coming out this Fall from Novello Publishing!

Peter Straub (author of In the Night Room and Ghost Story) writes:

“Beyond over the top, LICKER is like splatterpunk with a better sense of humor. If you've ever thought about being locked in a cell with a chuckling madman bent on sexual gratification, this is the book for you. LICKER violates every possible notion of good taste, gleefully, and the result is an optimistic graveyard fandango.”

I love it. “Violates…good taste” is right! This is a VERY strange book, and silly fun. Can't wait to share it with you all. Rumor has it that you can pre-order Licker on later this summer. I'll keep you posted.


Thanks for putting up with this extra announcement! If you're new to The Goreletter, know that I only clog your inbox like this very rarely.

The next issue of The Goreletter will likely be sent in August. The latest issue was mailed on 25/May/2006, so if you didn't receive one check your spam filter box or write me at for a resend.


– Mike Arnzen,

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