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The Goreletter 7.01a: EXTRA!


(for The Fridge of the Damned Campaign)


Our campaign on Kickstarter for The Fridge of the Damned – a “gorelets”-based horror poetry magnet set sponsored by and Raw Dog Screaming Press – ends in just a few days (Feb 1st). See:

Guess what? As of this writing, thanks to many of you, it is already FUNDED! Huzzah! So these insane poetry magnets of torment will definitely be manufactured and shipped in March to sully kitchen surfaces and break rooms everywhere.

I deeply THANK everyone who has already pledged to back this dark and somewhat wacky project. Not only are you supporting a great novelty item for horror fans and weird writers everywhere, but you're inspiring me to produce a new series of word-art pieces (visit my gallery at: to have a look-see).

However, the party is not yet over. We still need you, very much. For one thing, we need you to spread the word. Post news on your blogs or social networks (esp. Facebook, which I don't really do very well). For another, you can chip in as little as a dollar to help us really raise the bar. You're guaranteed to get the bizarre poetry magnets for as little as $10, but we are really trying to reach our “stretch goal” of $2700 to ensure that these magnets are delivered to all in fine, custom-designed tins rather than fancy plastic bags. We're around $500 short of that goal as I type this. SO CLOSE! But we will need a few more backers to make the tins a reality.

It's like the difference between getting Altoids and getting a bag of starlight mints in the bulk candy aisle. We want the tins! See my vid:

I'm writing not only to plead for your support, but to make sure my readers and collectors don't miss out on this very cool opportunity to nab some really rare and unique rewards from the Arnzen warehouse. If you haven't checked out The Fridge of the Damned on Kickstarter yet, please point your browser to:

You'll need to pledge before February 1st, 6:58pm eastern to participate. You won't be charged till after that deadline, so don't wait for payday.

Rewards for various levels include some Arnzen rarities you don't want to miss: a double-live CD, signed books, a publishing contract for a story you prompt me to write, very rare Play Dead artwork, a lifetime subscription to Mastication Publications…even a weirded-up mini-fridge! It's also your chance to grab a copy of my upcoming e-book INSTIGATION: CREATIVE PROMPTS ON THE DARK SIDE…for as little as a single dollar!


You won't want to miss the Instigation ebook, which massively expands the newsletter column you know so well. The awesome cover art for Instigation has been revealed at:

This book will go public in March 2013, and I think the scope of it will surprise a lot of people.

By the way: If you've ever been inspired by the Goreletter's “Instigation” prompts in the past or any of my how-to articles, I want to hear from you. I'm seeking endorsements, blurbs and testimony about how these prompts have helped you to include in the book description. The most fun way to do this is to participate in Raw Dog Screaming Press' “Arnzstigation Days” which are also going on RIGHT NOW till the end of January!




The “book haiku” contest outlined in the previous issue is still wide open until Feb 15th! Simply write a summary/review of one of my titles in haiku form and you can win some cool prizes. All entries will be posted on (or you can do it yourself). To learn more see the “Contestatorium” department in the Jan 13th issue in your inbox or go online to review the archives.


If you didn't get your copy of Meat Shots yet, head to and subscribe to the newsletter for your free copy of Nathan Rosen's lushly designed and artful treatment of some of my short-shorts and poems, called Meat Shots.


Thanks for putting up with this extra announcement! With all these opportunities ending in five days, I think you'll understand why I'm bugging you this one time. If you're new to The Goreletter, please know that I will not clog your inbox like this very often. The next mailing of The Goreletter will likely not be sent until late March 2013. The most recent issue was mailed on 13/Jan/2013 (yes – scary double 13s!), so if you didn't receive yours, check your spam filter box or write me at for a resend.

And as always, I thank you for subscribing and keeping in touch!

Sincerely, Mike Arnzen,

* Due to the temporary nature of internet URLs, some websites mentioned in back issues of the Goreletter may no longer be live, or may also point to unscrupulous web servers. I will denote these with overstrikes as I discover them, but if you encounter a dead, changed or unscrupulous link, please feel free to inform me.
* “Boo Coupons” are expired in all but the current issue.
* If you are seeking a particular book by Arnzen mentioned in The Goreletter, try
* Arnzen's blog is now located at Visit it for breaking news and extras not appearing in The Goreletter.

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